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Daily Journey

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Early Morning Wake Up

I know it is rather late in the day to be writing about this little story that happened this morning. But... really didn't have time to write it this morning due to the fact work was calling my name. It was so funny  though I  had to share it. It wasn't funny when it happened though. I wasn't happy one bit when it happened this morning at all. Of course I had to get up anyways and get ready for the day of work at the salon. Which I always enjoy going too. But not at that time of day I don't. So on with the story.

I was in a deep slumber. Enjoying being all snuggled up and warm in my blankets wrapped tightly around  me with my head sinking deeply into my fluffy pillows surrounding my head and supporting my sleepy head that was deep into dream land.
When suddenly next to my head was the resounding sound loudly ringing in my ears. It was my little pink phone ringing off the hook. OH MY GOODNESS! I pray nothing is wrong at this time of morning.

No! It wasn't bad news at all! it was the Portland school district calling me to inform me that our school systems would be on regular scheduling and that the buses wouldn't be on snow routes.
I didn't realize I had any need for this information.
Thank you! I think!
I haven't had a child in school in many years. Nor have I ever had a child in the Portland school systems. Why on earth would they be calling me.
Needless to say it was a recording so I had no way of asking this question.
So up I jumped out of bed and said well. It is time to put coffee on and get this day started I guess. I had been startled right out of my most comfortable bed into the cold air of the morning. Wondering if indeed I was dreaming. NO!No way is this cold air a dram. It was defiantly no dream!
Hubby wanted to know who it was. He too was startled right out of bed! The whole household up in arms wondering what the heck is going on. Why on earth are we all up so early? Is there a emergency of some sorts going?
I told him the "No!" Portland school district calling to let us know they where on regular schedule and route. He shook his head and headed back off to bed. "Darn!" He has the day off and gets to go back to cozy dreamland. With warm blankest and pillows not to mention a great big chocolate lab that is the perfect heater on a cold winter morning.
Before I left he got up to wish me a good day at school. He told me to have fun at school and to learn all my lesson's like a good little student. We both chuckled and I had a wonderful story to share with all the ladies today.
I just couldn't  believe it! I still find it rather humorous.I have chuckled and shared this story all day. Which has put a smile upon my face and a hint of why? But thank you Lord for the early morning wake up call through our Portland school system. I may have over slept otherwise or not. So it must of been my morning wake up call due to the fact I don't use an alarm I may have over slept for sure. Thank you Jesus for using the Portland school system!
My sister then shared that when they lived in Omaha this happened as well to everyone who lived in the Omaha school district. They as well got a  early morning phone call letting them know about snow days and bus routes. But theirs happened more frequently as the system was so new and they hadn't worked out the kinks in it. Not sure that was the case and why that happened today. But it did add a bit of humor to the morning and the rest of the day.
There is  still  no snow and the day was great! Though they are still calling for snow. I pray we don't get any snow though many are hoping we do. Nor do I want to have another early morning wake up call from a system gone crazy. And I don't want to over sleep! So we will wait and see.

Have you had a funny morning wake up call?

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