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Daily Journey

Monday, February 21, 2011

Playdate ~ A Walk About

So I found this little link up to be a fun idea  to add to your Monday blogging. This is over at The WellSpring blog. So I thought I would come along for her playdates on Monday with God.
As I love my time with the Lord and sometimes He takes me on the best journeys if I'm willing to play along. Just so happened my beautiful "CK" was the one that had decided we walk this way. Or maybe it was just the Lord nudging her to drag me in a new direction. Not our usual route.  As sometimes I just want to hurry and get through the walk and go home. Especially when it is cold. I don't want to stop and enjoy the sites and sounds around me. That is when we usually will miss some of the best gifts that have be laid out for us to be found that day. This was one of those days I could've missed the gifts laid out and they would have never been opened by me at all, because I was in a hurry to get out of the cold!  Here we found Santa playing hiding and seek with one of his many reindeer's in the mid  cold February air. Not sure if they got left behind or forgotten. I was thinking this is a great picture and that Santa is playing one of my favorite childhood games of the Summer! Summer that seems to be eluding me. I know I know it is Spring first. But... I sometimes love to rush things. That is when the Lord slows me down so that I can enjoy the beauty and excitement around of each season as well as each day and moment. I usually need to slow down and smell the roses around me. So to catch the moments at hand. The ones that take your breathe away if you slow your pace down and enjoy the place you are right NOW! So on this lovely late Winter walk about, with the delightful "CK" this shot brought a host of delightful memories across my memory bank. First why is poor Santa in a corner? Was he the naughty Santa? And why not the nice one? Or truly is he playing hiding and seek with his reindeer? I thought of Christmas and all the joy it brings, for all the good boys and girls. Lets face it... He truly brings every child of every age from 1-99 smiles and laughter full of joy. I always look forward to seeing Santa arrive durning the Thanksgiving Day "Macy's Day Parade." Then the rush to see him at the mall starting the day after Thanksgiving. Yes! I'm still the child that doesn't want to let go of her fantasy world of make believe. I still like to see the children line up to tell Santa whether they have been good and the long list of things they want for Christmas and why they think they should have them. (It helps with the grandchildren who bring me such joy!) Or is this Santa's play ground? Or is this the Lord reminding me that the joys of Christmas are everyday and there are presents wrapped along each day in my path for me to unwrap. Just from Him to me. Hmmm...!  It was a brisk morning. So it didn't surprise me none to see the reindeer feeding. They do like to feed in the early morning and late afternoon. I love the fact the Lord takes me into nicks and corners that I would miss out on if I wasn't pulled in the direction of childhood laughter, child like behaviors. It is always fun to become child like. The things I would miss if the detour hadn't taken place. The play date that always gives more back over and over again and again. Taking the Lord along on my daily journey is always the gift I don't leave home without.
Matthew18: 3-5
And He said: " I tell you the truth, unless you "change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. "And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.

The count down has started

snacking on a fee nibbles of greenery

So do you have any special playdates that bring found memories back to you?

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Deidra said...

That Santa in the corner makes me smile!