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Daily Journey

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday's Writing Assignment TGIF Or.....

Here we are on the last day of the five day challenge from the Ladies Blogger Society. It has been a fun and exciting week. Stretching my thinking cap and keeping up with the writing adventures. Thank you for stopping by and having fun with the post as well. It has been a great way to build my blog and challenge myself in my creativity skills in writing. Which are a bit rusty in many ways. But most of all it has been wonderful getting to know you each a little too. I think that was the most fun of all! The final challenge of the week in the writing adventures from Lady Bloggers Society is as follows.

Today’s Writing Assignment

another either/or question


You can tell us about your week, why it may have been a challenge for you, or what you plan to do this weekend.  Or tell us why you are glad to be a woman.


It has been an amazing week of adventures. From the work place to the challenges I have had to face working at two different salons, with the elderly. As well as the business of, "Have Hair Will Travel" where I go into homes caring for those hair needs for those who cannot get out other wise, to get theirs done. To the neglect of my Mary Kay business as well this past week. To the home care I provide for those who need assistance and help in their homes and personal care. Along with the challenges I have had here on the blog. With so many irons in the pot it is amazing I have a sane brain at all! It has been an interesting juggling act that will continue into next week. Minus the blog challenges unless new ones come along that I would like participate in. Though I think it will be a bit easier as this next week approaches; as I have made it through this week and made the adjustments as they came along to make it all come together. Though I must say I am glad it is Friday. So.... Hey TGIF! Time for me! Time for the weekend and its own new set of adventures it will bring. I'm sure there will be many as I'm sure some interesting ones too. With it being Super Bowl Weekend! Hubby will make his guacamole dip and salsa for the the Tavern party he intends to attend.Oh Darn! Not Me! Hubby will need me! Hubby usually plans an early arrival and a late return home. Which means time to get out the chauffeur licenses so he doesn't drive and drink. Tomorrow will be shopping day for all the goodies to make the home made guacamole dip and salsa. Then an early dinner at one of our favorite spots. We have 20 dollars in gift certificates to use up. Seems like the perfect time to use them since the store and the restaurant are in the same parking lot. As anytime I can get out the kitchen I love it. I have managed to get out of the kitchen several times this week and hopeful a few more times this coming week as well. With just as busy of a work schedule coming my way once again. Not to mention this entire month is a month I love to celebrate with birthdays and Valentines. It seems like a perfect time to be spoiled with dinners out and gifts of all kinds presented to those we love and of course me! So I may need to some good old fashion pampering as this week and coming week comes to a close. Which will be perfect for me with my Birthday fast approaching. What a better time to go get a pedicure and manicure along with my hair. Which is over due to wash that grey right out of my hair. I love the fact that we as women can do that. Though I know that there are plenty of men as well out there that do so this as well. I have done many of them. Only the "hairdresser" knows for sure!?! I think maybe a massage would be wonderful! Hmmm...As women I think it is awesome that we can call our girlfriends and say lets go out and get pampered, get some lunch along with some afternoon shopping. All in the name of beauty and therapy! I love TGIF! Thank God I'm Female! Just as much as I love TGIF! Thank God its Friday!


So are you TGIF? Friday or Female? I'm both and proud and glad to say so! 

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Ellen said...

After reading this, I'm tired! I hope you find some downtime today. Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I look forward to reading more of your blog. I'm your newest follower! ~ Ellen