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Daily Journey

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Icicles Hanging From My Hands

You know I have always heard all my life, "Cold hands warm heart." So I'm assuming I have a very warm heart this day. As I don't think my hands could be any colder or my feet any more frozen then they are this very minute.
So I'm wondering what the heck it means when you have cold feet? As of tonight I seem to have both cold hands and cold feet.
Tonight as many across the states are in a deep freeze, I as well am feeling a deep freeze on my body this evening. My hands and feet both are like icicles. I'm sure if I was outside I would have icicles  hanging from the fingers as well as my nose and my toes would be frozen solid.
They would have to defrost this old bod in a warming blanket. Thinking I sure could use one this evening. Anyone have one laying around they aren't using?
The wind chills are brutal here as I am sure they are across the states. This has been a very brutal Winter.
So looking forward to a very hot and long Summer!
I'm so ready for this deep freeze and icicle weather to leave.
I know I don't have it as bad as some. But ..... I can tell you I don't do COLD well at all!
I don't want these icicles on my hands, nor frozen toes any longer. looking for some takers here.... That would gladly take this cold and the frozen bod away; to a nice warmer climate of sunshine and heat of abundance.
As I cannot seem to move when I'm this cold at all. I think I should be in a deep oven of heat to melt away the frost upon my body. I'm sure that is what it will take to defrost the icicles from the hands and feet.

Icicle's hanging around my fingers
Where are those gloves of warmth hidden?
Bring on the defroster!
Bring on the warmth
I'm sitting here hanging around
With icicles hanging from my fingers
Bring on the heat
Bring on the Sun
Goodbye old Winter frost
Goodbye icicles upon my hands and fingers
Goodbye Winter
Hello Sunshine and warmth

What is your favorite season of the year?

1 comment:

Thisisme. said...

Hi there. I loved the two pics that accompanied this post! It's really awful to be that cold. Like you, I was certainly made for warmer climes. I can only hope that this cold, snowy winter means that we will have a long, hot summer!! Unfortunately, that cannot be guaranteed here in England :( I love the spring when all the buds start appearing, and all the greenery looks so fresh, but I love the warmth, so it would have to be summer, with the lovely long days. Hope it warms up for you soon!!