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Daily Journey

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Queen For A Day

So as most of you know I do Mary Kay. I love this product and the business. The best part of our business is we love to hep each other succeed and to help encourage one another to do our best. In one way we do that is that we all share great ideas and information to help us all be successful in our business. On Monday evening one of the lovely young ladies at our weekly success meetings one of the young ladies shared her challenges by putting together a Valentines basket that she will sell. Actually there where several young ladies who had put together some stunning baskets. All which were equally as beautiful but this one had something extra special. Which was very inspiring and I know any woman would be blessed to receive anyone of those gorgeous baskets that where shared Monday night at meeting. Which makes me think I need to get with it and make some beautiful gift baskets of my own to sell or take some special orders which I love doing. Then you get exactly what you want.. But one basket had a beautiful poem attached with it and I so had to share this. Though I think all of us deserve to be a Queen everyday not just on Valentines day. She had attached this beautiful poem to the basket to be presented to the love of his life on Valentines day. I don't know any woman who wouldn't be blessed to receive this poem with a basket full of beauty products to lavish her self in. Thank you Jillian for sharing this beautiful poem with us. Hope all of you beautiful Queens out there enjoy this poem and know you are a Queen today and everyday.

A woman wears so many hats
one should be a crown!
So today I’ve come to celebrate
you as the greatest wife in town.

You love, you care, you make me smile,
what fun we have together.
I’m thankful you were brought my way,
we laugh no matter the weather.

This little token isn’t but it will help me say …
Happy Valentine’s Day
as I crown you
Queen for the Day!

-Jillian Woodard-

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