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Daily Journey

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 4 Writing Challenge of LBS

Well here we are on day 4 of the writing challenge. I hope you all are enjoying these funny little write ups of mine with the challenge. I tell you they defiantly have got me thinking. Today is going to be a bit harder for me as I really am falling behind due to my end of the week work schedule, but am going to try and stay up with this and on target and schedule so please bear with me.
The the Questions we have set before us today for the Lady Bloggers Society are below as follows.
Pick any or all. Well I'm an all or nothing kinda of person so lets see what I can come with.



Today’s Writing Challenge ?

 Pick any or all of the sentence and finish them YOUR WAY !!

1.  It isn’t fair that…………..




2.  If I had a million dollars, I’d …………



3.  The Best Thing I can do for the World is………



       It isn't fair that others around here are working so hard on getting all dolled up for the festivities of the evening.  I  think I will sit here and wait upon yet another client to come in to get all dolled up for an evening out to the Gala that LBS is hosting. That appears I wont be getting ready for. Why is that? No, I'm the one who is working on turning them all into the lovely princess's of the Ball.  I need to wait upon all these ladies, getting them ready for the evening. I'm sure there are others here who could be helping me when there are so many to attend to for the Gala. Others who decided that they too needed to prepare for the event of the season; when instead they could be helping me. I think I will turn my back and do some pouting as I wait upon my clients to come in. I'm so sad I wasn't invited to the event. Instead I'm doing all the hair and make up. I so wanted to go to the Gala this evening. Not the Cinderella by the fireplace but the Cinderella of the Ball! So here I sit with my back to you all wishing I was the Queen of the Ball! But If I had a million dollars I can assure you I would be the Queen of the Ball. Then we could all be waited upon in style. We would have the works from head to toes with new gowns and matching accessories. Then we'd meet the coach with the handsome chauffeur all dressed in his tux. We would head to the Gala in our limo ready for the evening of our life. As we wait to share with the world what is the best thing we can do for the world we live in. As we prepared the speech that stated that We would help make this world a better place to live in by sharing our love of life and hope of Our Savior to those around us in spreading the wealth of the joy of living life to the fullest each day. We would be the Bell of the Gala. We would share the wealth of the millions and the happiness and joy of each day and the gifts it brings each sunrise. But this is a story of make belief and I will continue to make princess's everyday at the salon instead.

So truly I do feel that I I am a Queen and that I have the honor to make ladies princess's everyday. With being a Cosmetologist. I have the best job in the world and am hosting a Gala each and everyday for each one. I as well think I do have a million when I make them feel like a million when they leave my shop. All because of the gift that Lord has blessed me with.

How do you see yourself?

1 comment:

scrapwordsmom said...

Awww, I had to stop by and just say HI and thank you for your kind words regarding my blog on LBS. Soooo happy you printed off the 31 Days Challenge!! We have another one coming in March! Hope you and your friends will join in the fun:)