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Daily Journey

Monday, February 28, 2011

PlayDate ~ Oh How Could I?

How could I forget? But Oh how I did! My play date with God! Or did I really miss it all? Or was it an excused date pre-planned and designed by Him. Or was this Him letting me be excused from my play date. As I laid in bed and slept till ten. Lazied in my Jammie's all day long! Until it was time to get ready to speak this evening at the the Unit meeting for my Mary Kay business.
So today was my play date with God! And I oh so missed out! Or did I really? 
I did enjoy watching from the warmth of my living room the rain, the frozen rain then the snow fall lightly to the ground. As I was tucked safely in my home. I watched the little finches feed from our feeders out the living room window. I quietly sat and enjoyed the company of my hubby and my CK girl. Thought of all that had to be done. That did not get done. I reviewed my notes for the evening speaking engagement.
How could I miss my play date with God? Or did I really miss out at all?
Maybe He just wanted me to rest and be refreshed for the events of the evening. So I might be relaxed and refreshed in Him as I shared on Customer Service. Or maybe it was time to just allow Him to minister to me in the stillness of my home as I rested and listened and watched all that was around me. Seeing His richness of beauty in all that surrounded me in the stillness and quietness of my day. The beauty of the Winter storm that blankets all the earth as it prepares to spring forth new life in the Spring of renewal. The preparations of the new life that is to come. Did I really miss this play date with God? Or was this His divine plan?
Exodus 33:14
The Lord replied. "My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest."

A Winter's Kiss

Do you ever feel you missed the mark?


Thisisme. said...

I think that this was part of His divine plan and that you were meant to rest and take in the beauty all around you! Hope the evening went well for you.

Anonymous said...

Could be your best read to date..