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Daily Journey

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Web Tool

So this is actually part 1 of day three in the Lady Bloggers Society challenge. I'm going to attempt to write on this one. I'm not real sauve' with web tools. Not even sure I know what web tools are so at that here we go. Have a laugh and chuckle on me as we explore my idea of web tools.

Web Tool 


Is there a web tool that you have discovered that has worked it’s way into your work flow in the past year that you are now confident that you just couldn’t live without?  Something that has either simplified or improved your online experience?  Tell us what it is and go ahead and give it a plug.

The humor in my idea of web tools as you will see is very funny! I did some quick web searches turned out to be very humorous for me. You are probably wondering how in the world can web tools be funny! First you must understand I have no idea what they were. Though I did have my ideas of helpful and useful tools via the web. Little did I realize what they are... and Yes! I do use them as I did find out! Had no clue! Was so clueless!
So... at first I was thinking maybe it was like the site I use to hold my pictures on at But soon realized that was actually a web page. Yes! A tool for me and others to access and help us store and catalog our photos and make gifts. Then I thought okay what is a web tool I thought is it like my email account? No! That is just a mail box via cyber space for people to connect with me and receive junk mail as well as business information just like the old fashion snail mail, that I still like and use . Yes! It is a tool as well for me to help me conduct my business more successful and stay in connect with those people that I wouldn't be able to otherwise. As so many use the Internet for connection now. 
Then I thought okay is it like my Mary Kay web page that helps me conduct my business. so that I can keep track of my customers do ordering get education and so much more. Then I remembered NO! That is still a web page but yet a tool for me. Then I thought okay is it .... All I kept coming up with was more and more web pages. That I found useful and helpful to me in growing in my knowledge ability and talents. Yet it still wasn't a web tool.
Then I thought could they be those programs I use to be more successful in my business that I have to load onto my computer? Alas NO! They are programs. None the less they are tools that help me be more successful at the things I need to do to conduct business and hold information that I will need. As well as help me do crafts and other enjoyable relaxing adventures that I get myself involved with.
As I was searching I found that web tools are things that help you build web pages blogs enhance. 
Ad Planner
Feed Box
Soft Ware Design
And so many more things my list would go into tomorrow and beyond. I had no idea! Feeling a little un- informed here and not to smart regarding what all the technology and words are and what they mean. So I had a quick education tonight on what Web Tools are. So then the question being what is my favorite Web tool and how it has helped and I couldn't live without.
So as I think about my experience on the Web and being all so new at blogging I decided that the tool would have to be Java Script as I couldn't play allot of games I like or enjoy or do allot of other things without it. Though I'm not really sure how all these work and why and whether I really need them or not. Though I'm sure I will find out and learn as I go process. It is going to be a journey of learning and I'm sure an adventure as well.
So.... this is my thought on tools. Even though I wasn't sure what Web tools were. I do now! But I still think there are tools that aren't tools; that help us be successful and learn and be the best we can be. So my concept of tools and the web definition is different from mine in some ways. And that is okay. Because just like a roofer needs hammer and nails so does each person need a set of tools to make them successful at what they do. Just like me I'm a hair dresser what good would I be without a comb and scissors.

What is your tool in life that you need to be successful?

1 comment:

Reena said...

So glad we have all these different kinds of "tools" to help us along the way!