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Daily Journey

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Am I Red Or Pink?

Day two of the challenge of writing from the Lady Blogger Society. This one is a bit tougher for me. I am really going to have to pull some things out of the thinking cap here. That could make one red and pink both. So let the fun begin!

Are you RED or PINK?

What does this mean? 
Do you blush easy?
Your style of dress? 
Your personality?
Is one more of a favorite color over the other? 

It is really difficult for me to pick one or the other as I see myself as red but defiantly pink on some days then others. I am a very bold, loud and out spoken woman who says pretty much whatever is on her mind. I tend to put my feet and both fist in my mouth and worry about the out come later which is defiantly a red. Thinking later why did I say or do that? But then shrug it off as another blooper in my life; I'll ask for forgiveness and move on. I don't worry to much as to what others think, you either like me or you don't. My thoughts on that is its your loss and I will still enjoy life to the fullest. You can either come along for the ride or stay behind and loss out on all the fun you would've had. I'm full of energy and always on the go and ready for an adventure.  I'm always looking for the next big adventure in my life which I'm sure is just around the corner. I'm easily hurt as I wear my heart on my sleeve so I could easily see red on any given day. Which for me is not always good but.... then that is who I am.  I'm like a mother bear about my family and friends. So if I'm your family or friend be assured I will be at your back door.  I feel that pink is just  a lighter shade of the red on those days that I'm feeling a bit quieter and not so bold and out spoken. Which I'm assured doesn't happen often around here.
I sell Mary Kay products so .... as you can see there would be plenty of pink in my life as well.  I have used them for over 30 years now and have been selling them for almost 12. I had too! I couldn't afford myself otherwise. As I love all those beautiful pink products. And NO! I don't drive the pink Cadillac, though at one time that was apart of my dream and bigger picture in that aspect of my business. But... I can tell you YES! I have rode in many Cadillacs. So I do have a very large pink theme in my life with that bold red personality that I have.
I can tell you I honestly don't think I blush much at the age I am now. But have been known to on occasions. Though when I was much younger and youthful it didn't take much for me to blush at all. All you had to do is approach me and say Hi! and I would blush.
I wear both colors a lot. But if I had to pick between the two of them I would say I most likely wear more pink then red. It is a much softer color on me. But on those days I'm feeling extremely bold and powerful I can guarantee you will find me in some shade of red.

One more time Pink and Red again and again!

Red shoes
Red shoes
Come dance with me
I'm a Lady in a pink hat
with red dancing shoes
Come dance
Come dance
With me I'm a
Lady dressed
In her pink hat
And dancing shoes
Red Shoes
Red shoes
I'm a dancing Lady in
Her pink hat!
And dancing shoes!

So my question to you is what is red or pink to you?

1 comment:

CinfulCinnamon said...

What a great post. Thank you for taking part in the challenge. I enjoy being around women that know what they want, and aren't afraid to get it