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Daily Journey

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Evening Thought On Super Bowl

As this night comes to a close I'm wondering, pondering and thinking upon, how men and women can get so worked up over a sporting event that doesn't even matter really who wins or loses. It is a game of skill. May the best team or man WIN!
I too like a good game a good sport and a challenge to see who is the best. It is a great way to improves ones skills and have some fun doing it! I too like to watch a good team and sporting event. I've been to many and have enjoyed them totally.
They call them Heroes, mentors as well as idols. Why? They are average people with very trained skills in their area of expertise of a particular sport or game.
They really aren't Heroes that I would call Heroes. My Heroes are the ones that serve this country and our cities daily and lay their lives down for us for our freedoms.
Mentors would be my teachers my mom or dad, someone I highly esteem.
As for an idol I guess that would be fitting of them as it is anything that you put above God, your family or self; totally whacked out of balance completely!
This is entrainment at best. With the best of the best playing and showing off their skills talents and abilities of the game. Highly paid at that! We don't even pay our service people that well. I somehow see something wrong with this picture. Those that give daily of their lives so we might have the lives we life. 
But lets face it really... its not life changing to those watching nor is it life and death. Yet this is the way these sporting events are treated and the men that play them.
( Unless you are in an environment of danger that brings this on as life threatening then I say call 911 and get HELP! Not to take away form anyone who has ever been in an abusive situation due to or caused by nothing that they have done.  There are people and places out there that can and will be happy to help you get to safety. I understand that reality side of life. Please do yourself a favor and know you are worth saving and loved. It isn't your fault! You deserve better and there is someone who cares.)
1.800.799.SAFE (7233) 1.800.787.3224 (TTY)
Anonymous & Confidential Help 24/7
I somehow see something so wrong with this picture. People getting themselves worked up and angry over things that mean nothing. What if we got worked up this much about the really important issues in life?
There are so many other in justices in the world that really deserve our frustration and angry other then a game of entertainment.
I just want to take this moment and Thank all those men and women out there who serve me daily and give them praise and honor that they are due and applaud them. They are my Heroes! They deserve so much more than we give.
So if you are a fan of sports I mean no dis respect like I said, I like a good sport myself. I'm just a bit confused over the work up of them.
So take some time and say thank you to the true Heroes in our lives. They may very well be sitting next to you. Is it your husband, father or brother? Maybe a sister or mother? Or maybe your very best friend or co worker? I have the honor of saying thank you to many of my loved ones who serve. I don't think they hear it enough.
I just felt this was a good night to say thank you. I always see things happening that are so out of balance in  to comparison to the realities of life out there to me.

NIV Galatians 5:22-23
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Against such things there is no law.

These are my evening thoughts. Not to dis respect any one.

Do you ever have odd thoughts that come up over and over again?


Michele Chastain said...

What a great post! My husband is my hero in so many ways! He's the person who encourages me to spread my wings and fly, while always maintaining a safety net of love beneath me.
God blessed me immensely with him, and with my son. I'm so thankful!
New follower here...look forward to reading more. :)

Thisisme. said...

I so agree with you on this one! People get carried away by using the words heroes/idols etc. for our sportsmen and women. The money they get paid these days is almost immoral. There was a footballer here in England, who was just transferred for a record signing fee of 50 million pounds!! I ask you - it's all wrong. No wonder they are such prima-donnas!!