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Daily Journey

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Asked To Speak On Cunstomer Service

This past evening when I was at my Mary Kay training meeting I was asked to speak on and teach on customer service, this coming Monday evening on February 28. The speaking on it will be kinda easy for me but teaching it... Not so much. You see I think customer service is a way of living your life everyday.
Because we have to be an open book to be a service everyday to someone in our lives. Whatever it is you do in your life you have someone you have to give back to in some way or another. You will perform some service or another to make an others life easier or even your own.
You must treat each person as we would want to be treated and go that extra mile. The "Go Give" The "Then Some" the something that says "Yes! You are important to me and I appreciate you!" It seems to come natural to me as I don't even realize I'm  even doing it. It just happens so naturally.
I like it when I'm greeted when I come to do business with you.
I greet everyone who comes by my path everyday With a smile or hello.
At the salon even those that don't come in get a "Big" hello and smile how are you today? from me.
Some just stop by to say hello and ask if there is anything they can pray for me today. Or how am I doing? I have built a repor with them.
So when I come to do business with you I like to receive a smile and hello How may I help you?
To me those are the basics to the start of good customer service.
So if I had to do some outlining to customer service this is some that I would say is most important beside making me feel important. (The priority.)
Greet Preferable with my first name if you know it.
Listen (openly) Not with a closed mind.
Ask me Question so you know what I need help with (Obvious)
Empathize so I know you understand my concern and  my need.
Address my issue in helpful and timely fashion.
Ask me more questions to see if you have helped me resolve my problem or that you understand what it is I'm in need of.
Offer additional help and services and just let me know that you are there for me.
Follow through with what you say. Don't leave the ball hanging on the end of the string dangling waiting for me. This is where the then some comes in the extra mile. Do the unexpected helpful over the top service.
Thank me for doing business with you. It lets me know you appreciate me and my business.
Ask me if there is anything else you can do to help me.
There maybe and I'm not even aware of it. This is where the questions come in for complete customer service. Knowing the client and their needs and knowing the business your in to be able to give the fullest service possible. 
Be genuine because we aren't stupid we know when people really want to be a service and when they don't.We can tell when you are just there for the pay check, the sell, the money.
Not to help me solve a problem or issues that I'm in need of your service with. I wont want to do business with someone that has dollar signs in their eyes or isn't that interested in me or just doing the time because that's what you have to do. That's when I know whether I will be doing business with you again. Because you send those silent signals that says I'm not here for you. 
Offer to get me help if your not able too and let me know that you don't know or have the answer but are willing to find it or get someone who can.
Take me to the aisle and show me what it is I cannot find. Then ask me is there anything else?
Depending on the situation and the business a strong hand shake is very important . I cannot stand the limp noodle hand shake. I feel no character in those hand shakes at all. No self assurance of themselves or the product they are selling me.
I also like it if I'm doing business with you that you know a little about me that you ask questions the old fashion business how is the family? ask by name. Or if you know I travel ask about my latest travel. Whatever it is gardening etc... Make me the most important  person in the world. At that given moment when you are doing business with me.
That you are genuinely interested in my life and me and what is happening in it. As if I'm apart of your extend family. The most important part of your business.
Send out cards on birthdays and Christmas and other important dates to me.
Offer me extra incentives to do business with you.
Let me know when a product is going to be discounted that I love.
Let me know when you are having a sell. Send me out a flier.

So these are just a few of my thoughts. I'm seeking and asking for any more that you might have. What you expect, desire  how you want to be treated when you are doing business. It doesn't matter the business, whether it is the bank, the store, a personal consultant, your realtor, whom ever it is you do business with any kind of business. Please leave your thoughts and opinion's in comment as I'm looking forward to hearing back from you all.

What is the most important to you in customer service?

1 comment:

Reena said...

Beth, you are fortunate to have learned the ins and outs of customer service! Now others can learn from you as well. I know how hard it can be to have to hide your true feelings and put on a smile. But, sometimes that's what jobs require, and it's a lot easier to do if you've been trained. I hope this post helps others to master that ability so they can be skilled in it when it's needed.