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Daily Journey

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stressed Or Dessert?

Stressed or is that dessert?

That is where I feel I am today.
Not sure what is going on or what I picking up on.
Sometimes when loved ones are going through things and I don't know what it is or haven't heard anything in awhile from them. I know it is time to be in the prayer closet. Getting on my hands and knees and just start praying right where I'm at. Let the Lord lead by whatever He places on my heart to pray upon. I just don't like how it makes me feel.  STRESSED! Always a bit stressed in the spirit. Which then makes for desserts on the hips. Time to trust and rely on Him and His perfect peace and love.

Stop and be still
Talk to the Lord
Rely in Him
Stifle the noise
Step into His perfect peace
Emerge Victorious
Decide to walk in His peace

Declare the glory of the Lord
Enter into His perfect peace and rest
Scribble His love upon your heart
Succumb to His perfect love
Exalt His name on high


Do like desserts when stressed?

1 comment:

Katie said...

Wow this was truly enlightening. You're absolutely right! I feel the same way, I feel down when I see others. It's so easy to feel someone elses emotions when you have a strong heart. You are a wonderful person. :)