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Daily Journey

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Product Highlight~

I have decide to try something new. So on Thursday's I'm going to be doing a product highlight on my Mary Kay products. Which I think will be allot of fun! As I do have my very favorites. As most of us do in any cosmetic line. But it will also help me to try some of the products I may not have otherwise. Even those that are not suited  for me; I will be testing and giving my thoughts on. this will help make me a better consultant and more knowledgeable on the products as well. Which will benefit me and my business. If you'd like to give your opinions on any product highlight please let me know. I let my clients try and give their opinion's all the time. It gives my products more creditability I feel when the public is giving their honest thoughts on what they think. (I always offer a great deal on the product that they are giving their opinion on. You can personally contact me via my web page link with Mary Kay. I will let you know how this works for us both.) I hope you will enjoy this little Thursday highlights. If you see something you like and want to try please go check me out at:

But if you already have a beauty consultant with Mary Kay please give her a call and talk to her. I don't believe in taking others customers and that is not how I nor the Mary Kay business works either. It is their business and that is how they make their living. I wouldn't want someone to take my clients. So please .... if you have a consultant contact her. Tell her you'd like to try this product I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

So my first product highlight I will be starting with the "Timewise 3-1 Cleanser" I use the normal to dry. There are two formulas depending on your skin type. But if your like some maybe you like a more regiment cleansing program we do offer the classic line as well in three formulas depending on your skin type and needs. I will be highlighting them as well as time goes on. But we have many to select from.

It is the first piece in a set of four of our skin care program called the "Miracle Set".
It is the first step in cleansing our skin and caring  for it for younger looking skin.
The first step in its benefit's is cleansing, exfoliate, freshen in one easy step. Both the normal to dry and the oily to combination formulas provide this benefit.
It has the "Good House Keeping seal of approval.
It is 100% satisfaction guarantee ed.
If your not a globber as I am it should last you about four months. As a little bit does go a long ways with this product and all of our products.Mine is right around the two half to three months.

 Which is a great buy at 18.
Seeing is believing! The results are AMAZING! 
I have been using these products for over thirty years  before I started selling.
So I was first a tried and true believer in the product line, long before I started selling.
I have been a consultant for the Mary Kay product line for going on 12 years now. I just love it! Everything about it along with the product.
Being in the beauty industry for as long I have  I have enjoyed and used many other products as well.  But have always kept coming back to the May Kay line of products. They do deliver what they say they are going to do. I always get the results they promise with a wonderful 100% guarantee.

What is your favorite skin care cleanser and why?


The Chick said...

I was a Mary Kay consultant years and years ago :) I always liked their products, but I think I need to get back in touch with what they offer these days. I wanted to say how much I appreciate you stopping by my blog regularly, I do notice and your comments always bring a smile to my day!

stlavonlady said...

You know what type of products I am going to say are my favorites. lol We won't get into that. :) I totally agree with the above post by "the chick" I enjoy reading your comments you leave. They really do brighten my day. Have a great Friday and thank you :) Julie