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Daily Journey

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Broken Jar

I have taken on a challenge from "Twisted Fate Photography." I also have her button on the side of my blog if you'd like to check her site out.
Very cool! I'm very excited about this as it will help me to increase in seeing beauty in everything I look at and how to take pictures better.
I'm going to give this a whirl!
The other part of the challenge; but you don't have to is to write about it as well. Her challenge today is called "Broken". The crazy thing about this challenge is that had I checked and looked to see what it was when this happened I think I would have had a much better picture. With all the chili sauce and broken glass all over the floor. But this is what it is taken from the garbage. Still a cool broken.

Broken Jar

Putting away grocery's without cleaning out the refrigerator can always present problems like things falling out on top of you and unto the floor.
Crash comes the jar of homemade green chili sauce. So sad as it was a new jar too. And all so yummy! Busting onto the floor with all the green sauce running down the door unto the floor around the dog bowls of food and water. What a mess to feast your eyes upon!
This is what happens when one is in a hurry.
Lesson learned here. Slow down take your time. Do the cleaning and re arranging so as not to create yourself more work later. You will still get it all done in a timely manner. 
It never pays to be in a hurry as you always end up wasting and taking more time then you would had you done it right the first time. Working at a good steady pace and not rushing like you had something so important to do that it couldn't wait a few extra seconds or minute. It will cost more time in the long run when you rush through. Lesson for everything in life. It can be more costly and you may pay a price you don't want to pay. My advice slow done and enjoy the moment and what you are doing you can never go wrong and it may be a blessing in the long run.

Do you ever get in such a hurry you end up breaking?


Anonymous said...

I always tend to break something when trying to rush to put things away...and you would think I'd learn to slow down...NOPE! haha...three boys that's impossible grabbing at everything!

I love how there is still sauce!

Thank you for linking up!

Robin said...

I too break things when I'm rushing..great pic for the challenge..

Anonymous said...

Yeah on the day of the new challenge the linky will be up (like the current challenge) and you will be able to add your entry anytime during that week. You will have 6 days! :)

Thisisme. said...

That photo challenge sounds like such a great idea! What a mess for you to have to clear up! We have a saying here in England (and I don't know if you've heard it), which is "More haste, less speed", and it really is SO true!

Amy said...

Thanks for comenting on my Broken photo... Came over to return the favor!

This photo has an inspiring message with it. And it's something we've all experienced, even if we haven't quite learned the lesson yet.