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Daily Journey

Thursday, February 24, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 2

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 2

Well today is suppose to be this huge snow storm! Way to funny! Phone call again this morning from the Portland school district. Hello! I don't have any children in your public systems! Nor any children in school! Why are you calling me? Stop the early morning phone rings "PLEASE". 6am is just not when I want to get up okay!
So for all of you out there in blog land this is way to crazy. I mean those you have been buried in snow for weeks on end, with real snow storms. Why on earth would they close schools for this storm? Really? It is just a dusting. As of the time of this post it will almost be melted away. Just darn right weird and strange to me. Have fun with the humor in that one. Check out the post from yesterday "Early Mornings Wake Up Call".

A beautiful morning dusting

How is your Winter morning rounding out?

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1 comment:

Thisisme. said...

Beautiful photo of the snow. Isn't it crazy how you are getting these phone calls. That must be so annoying for you! Is it health and safety that they are worried about, do you think with the closing of the schools? It's the sort of thing that happens in this country and it drives everyone mad.