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Daily Journey

Monday, February 28, 2011

Photo Challenge~ Vintage

I have found yet another way to grow in my photography. This challenge comes from "This Life Is So Sweet" Blog.
I actually do have some photos I took this weekend at my sisters home while I was visiting. Some great vintage.
I still have another photo challenge I need to finish up on today. I'm not really sure how I will complete it.
But I can tell you one thing for sure if there is something you want to grow in. Find those who will challenge your creative juices and hop on board. Get out of the box and have some fun! I know I sure am and meeting lots of great people along the way. Whether it be here in blogging world or any social network. Or out on the outings that have challenged my creativity. I have meet people along the way that are full of great information and tips. They are willing and wanting to give helpful tips with those of like mind. They want to see you succeed and have fun while doing it. It is a great way to learn or expand on a hobby or skill without going back to school.
So this cook book my blonde sister found in one of her many excursions in antique shopping. It is a cook book. I know wish i had taken more photos of it. She doesn't cook or bake much. But... my mother does. Funny thing is she has three daughters none of which enjoy cooking or baking at all. We all know how. But the joke with the blonde sister is she could burn water. I'm sure this book was purchased as a gift for out mother. As she does collect cook books. This is defiantly a vintage cook book. I so wish I had looked at some of the recipes. I'm sure there where some lost forgotten ones that would love to be brought back to life. Guess this is where one needs to expand her mind and challenge her self to try new dishes in baking and cooking.

Vintage Cook Book

Do you have a favorite vintage recipe?

1 comment:

Thisisme. said...

I'm glad that you having fun with this whole blogging experience. I've only been doing it since the end of October last year, and I've met so many wonderful people.