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Daily Journey

Saturday, February 12, 2011

And The Queen Is......?

We have a Queen! Isn't she lovely? At the Fountain where I do hair in the afternoons on Fridays, they where crowning the Queen and King. Unfortunately I couldn't find our King. So there is no picture of the fine Gent who was crowned the King.
 I believe he is most likely  taking care of his duties of running such a busy center. I'm sure there is plenty to do around such a busy home as the Fountain with all its many activities. 
But isn't she just lovely? And here we thought each one in the salon was the Queen! We were busy making each one feel and look like the Queen we know each one truly is! Truly they are and it was a great afternoon!
And our sweet Queen was so thrilled and surprised my her crowning today at the Happy Hour Tea! Well see ladies we do have things to look forward too. We all have a chance to be crowned and truly be the Queen! So for all of you Ladies and Gents out there don't be surprised if you are crowned as the Queen or King where you reside. It is the weekend of love and celebration with Valentine's Day on Monday. Hope you all have a royal weekend.

What makes you feel like a Queen or King?


Shalyn said...

That is the sweetest thing, I bet she felt so special! Great blog!

Anonymous said...

That is too sweet!
I'm stopping by to follow and to say hello.
Have a great rest of your weekend!