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Daily Journey

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not Even.................

You know some days you should just stay in bed. I can honestly say that is the way I felt on my Birthday. Things started out great but went down hill  quickly from that point. Nothing anyone or anything could change. It was and is "Life"!
I found out I will no longer be caring for one of my Home care clients as he will be going into an assisted living home. Which is good! I knew it was coming. But... why on my birthday? I'm praising God though. This is the best decision for him and his safety. He is 97 years young. A wonderful gentleman. But he needs to be where people can check on him more regularly. He fell the other day and that isn't good for a young man his age. I have noticed him slowing down more rapidly. So this is a positive move for him. I'm grateful for this decision on his well being.
Then I came home to a nasty letter from a bill collector. WHAT? I pay all my bills on time and in a fashionable manner much earlier then the planned pay off date. I don't like those interest rates! But ... really who does. So then on the phone I went; to get that mess straightened out. What a crazy way to do business. They want to know where and why I spend money and why is my debit this much. REALLY! Please cancel the card ASAP! Don't need you or "Big Brother" watching over me. I couldn't believe the nerve of them asking such personal questions that had nothing to do with my contract with them or the money owed them. REALLY! I have never heard of such a thing where they question your debit to other debit collectors. Well... I can say that is the end of them.
CK and I got in a quick walk to the mail box after that. It has been a mix of snow, rain, and breaks of sunshine. What a day of weather mixture. Like my day!
So then to the kitchen I went to start my pasta dinner. That did turn out good.
So Hubby is working and CK and I are just sitting and doing some R&R. I'm thinking to make the close of this not so wonderful day a perfect close. Is to light some candles, put on some soothing music to listen to, with a cup of  hot tea, then head straight to the tub to soak the blues away. Sounds absolutely perfect to me. The perfect close to turn this day around to the way it started.
As I was getting ready for that perfectly inviting tub time with a hot cup of tea, the phone rings. It is our sweet Kathrine. She wants to come by and wish me a very Happy Birthday. What a dear! So bouncing through the door with her child like beauty and smiles she comes.
We share and laugh a bit as we always do. Then she presents me with this lovely hand made magnet to ponder upon.
This coming week her women's group each got one and will be pondering upon what each one says and how it has effect them this week or what special thing has happened that brought the saying to light in their life. Each one is different. WOW! Well...........I guess I may just have to think upon and ponder upon, then write upon this in a week and see where God takes me.
As this evening comes to a close on this special day for me I'm so grateful for the Love God has placed in my life through family and friends. I thank each one for the special blessings and gifts they sent my way. The treasure and gifts you are to me by enriching each day of my life with your prences and beauty. I'm looking forward to see what this coming year will bring.

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Do you ever have days where you feel you should have stayed in bed?

1 comment:

Sandy McCollum said...

I have those days now and then, too. Glad you were able to turn yours around! :)