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Daily Journey

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Filled With Chocolate Kisses

Happy Valentine's Day!
 Yes you are wondering why there is no chocolate to be had in this blog.
Because truly there really already is!
YES! You, see my CK girls papered name is "Chocolate Kisses From Heaven". So this is her story of her love for Valentines day.
She actually has only eyes for her Daddy and I.
But..... occasionally she will have a sweet eye for others as well. Actually everyone who will pay attention to her, give her love and let her love them back with her "Chocolate Kisses." Today her eyes were upon her "Carlie."

CK's Card Of Love

Carlie is her Vet tech, or at least one of them that takes care of her when we visit. But I would have to say by far Carlie has stolen her heart! And yes, is by all means her very favorite Vet tech. She loves her sososo much!
She loves to go bye bye with us in the car. Most of the time it is to go to the Vets. Though we do take her on short trips and she loves them. She gets to go about every three to five weeks. So Carlie, and her have strike up quite the love affair. Both seem to look forward to the visits and love. Especially CK! She has anal problems so she needs to be checked and cleaned. Poor thing what a Valentines day gift she received from her Mommy and Daddy. But...all is well that ends well. She feels better and so do I.

Hearts Of Love On This Valentine"s Girl

CK came bearing gifts of love to her beautiful Carlie today with special thoughts of her on this Valentines day. Carlie was so surprised by her Valentines gift. So unexpected but so delighted to  be so blessed. CK usually brings her Mary Kay packages  that mom puts together for her and others at the office. Then mom talks about hair bling and hair appointments at the "God's Waiting Room" salon. CK always gets so excited to see her Carlie! Tail a wagging and eager to bounce around the corner to get her hugs and love from her favorite Valentine of the moment.

Bringing Kisses and Hugs of Love

But always eager to see Carlie every chance she can. Carlie gives her the best treats from the canister on the desk. Yummy little beef treats from one of the many cookie jars that set upon the desk awaiting all their four legged furry friends that come in to visit. CK then becomes the social butterfly influencing people and winning friends with her chocolate kisses of love. She has many she will want to visit and see. And those that will come to greet  and meet her. Then she will gladly love upon them as they love upon her. Then our visit will end as quickly as we got there. CK happy to leave as she has taken care of the Old lady business at hand. Pulling and tugging her mommy towards the door. Saying "Okay, I have had enough! It is time to go NOW! Eager and ready to head on home. Headed to her two true loves of her heart. Her true Valentines year round everyday her mommy and her daddy!

So Giddy With Love On This Valentine's

How is your Valentines day going?


Sandy McCollum said...

Aw, love the pic of you and CK!

Thisisme. said...

Aaaaw, that's a really cute post with some lovely photos to go with it. Lovely one of you and CK together (not forgetting your husband of course!). I love the little Valentine's coat that she is wearing. Very stylish.