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Daily Journey

Friday, February 25, 2011

I Have Found

I have found a nice family friendly blog hop for Friday. I'm having so much fun finding these hops and meeting up with like minded women and reading their happenings and just sharing in the joys of life. I think you will find this blog hop very fun.
I'm learning how to implement them into my blogs and share. So as I'm learning, please come along for the ride, have some fun and learn some great things from those who have paved the road for us.  They are stocked with a wealth of information ranging from anything you want to learn or know about. Not to mention just a great bunch of lady's who make you feel right at home in their little comfy blog living room with a nice cup of "Java" or "Tea". Who have fun little things to share crafts, great recipes, and an dotes to mention a few things you might find on this exciting journey. Along with some new friendships and travels all in the warmth of your home or for a few of you the traveling note books, where every you find that little spot away in a cafe' with a wonderful  cup of "Java" or where every your little niche' is. So go get your coffee or tea  with that healthy snack and stay awhile and do some surfing meeting some new friends have some fun and smiles along the way.

Do you Have some favorite blog hops?

Welcome to Friendly Friday hosted by Xenia at Thanks, Mail Carrier, Christi at Frugal Novice and Charla at Healthy Home Blog!

1 comment:

stlavonlady said...

Yes, Avon is a sister company of Mark. click below to check out a catalog and see what they offer.


Mark is a fun, fashion forward fashion boutique all in on convenient catalog. It offers beauty and fashion tips and all the latest styles. From makeup to shoes to over-sized bags. Mark. has what is hot. The only thing I wish is I could do back orders, you can't. The catalog is available for 2 campaigns and then is dead. Although Mark. does have some awesome clearance and sale deals.

How fun you used to sell Avon. I grew up with my mom and Avon. Such a good memory for me. : )

I never know if people read the comments I write on my own page when I comment on their post. Do you? This time I wanted to post on your own page. :)