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Daily Journey

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


What do you do anyway?
From the blog of {Words of Me} Project
I have found another wonderful artistic lady who has a beautiful blog that she shares her art through her growth in her life. It's truly an amazing blog. Go check her out.  You can connect to her through the 31 days word challenge button on this page on the right hand side towards the bottom of the page.

Her word challenge is to write about ANYWAY.

So I thought I would give this one a try this evening. It has been a very full Monday and Tuesday,  the week isn't looking any lighter in the work load at all. If anything it is looking fuller by the minute with more and more being added all the time. The day just doesn't stretch out the way I'd like it too. So .... anyways I am going to try and get through this week with my head attached with my brain having some sanity left to it.

Anytime you need to get allot done something always seem to get in the way
No matter the time of day I will try and do all I can anyway
You can always count on me to be there even when the times are tough
Time is always against us when we have a schedule to fulfill   But... I will get it done anyway
I'm here to be a service, help and make things easier when things are tough
More can get done when we work as a team together to get it all done on schedule anyways
Even when things are tough all anyone can do is pray.  We can accomplished more in  prayer anyway 

The trees always reach to the sky anyways.

So what is your thought on the word anyways?
Blessing to you as you reach out to the heavens above.

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