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Daily Journey

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Here is part of day 3 challenge from Lady Bloggers Society. It is actually part two which I think will be easier than part one for me. I will work on that part later. Thought I would do the easier of the two. So let get on with the activity and have some fun! Hope you are enjoying these as much as I am.



Did you meet or connect with someone from online.  Either through your blog, or one of the social media? You don’t have to name names, but tell us how you connected with them and what is the biggest contribution that they’ve made; either to your bloggy life or your personal life.  (For the record…not really looking for an e-harmony commercial…LOL)

This is easy because I have meet some AWESOME! People on line! That I have been so blessed to have in my life. I have actually got to meet a few of them as well. Which I think is even more cool and so great!
I have meet them through several Social Networks. My first experience on one was many years ago when learning how to maneuver around the Internet. 
I found this one site of a group of woman with like interest and desires and connected with them right away. They where going to be doing and book study; I wanting to do the book study with several of them wasn't sure how that worked and didn't have the book. I was offered a copy of the book from one of them. She sent me a private email and the relationship started. I was honored to be apart of the study along with  studying with this group of amazing women. I am still friends with her and several of them this day. The stories I have are endless from this one group alone.
They have encouraged, prayed for me and just had a listening ear they. Have gifted me in ways I cannot even begin to say. I can tell you that they have helped me through some very difficult and hard times. Not sure how my life would have been different with out them in it. I'm sure it wouldn't be as blessed as it is by having the opportunity to have them apart of my support team and prayer partners. Because I believe that each one has enriched my life by just being apart of the encouraging loving prayers they have offered up in their prayer closets. Prayer doesn't just change the situation but each of us who are praying for one another at any given time. It also changes those who are praying as well as us. So with that said I'm a much richer and blessed person because each one of them have poured into my life through theirs. I thank God each day for each one of them.
I as well have been honored to be an encouragement and a prayer partner for them as well. Been apart of the secret sisters club they had started as well, so we could get know each other better. That was really fun!
I was able to be a support and send gifts to a little beauty who had cancer and since has gone on to be with her Father in heaven. But what a gift to be able to pray for the family and just be there to up lift with a word of love. What better gift can one give then some of their time and self?  I could most likely write a book on it. But... I wont.
I have since joined several other Social Networks and have been blessed by re connecting with old friends and many new ones. I have had fun meeting Lady's who enjoy playing some of the games I enjoy and have had a chance to pray and encourage them as well. Some have the same interests I have and share some grandma photos as well. Lots of giggles and sharing some thoughts and ideas with one another.
I am looking forward to meeting a few more of them soon as well. As I have found out that at least three of them live in the surrounding areas and communities where I reside. Or not far from me. Just a few hours away. I look forward to having a tea or lunch with them in the near future. It is a very exciting world out there in cyber space.
I have been careful as well. There have been a few scaries.... But nothing that isn't easily remedy by a delete button.
My husband is the best as he stays up on allot of information and some of the crazy ways people try to scam so he helps me stay safe.
I look forward to meeting many new people, especial through the blog world that I have just recently connected with. I'm having so much fun! The communities and Social Networking in the blog world is so cool! You all are so warm and easy to connect with and eager to help one grow in their writing skills as well as connecting and getting our blog out there. Thank you each and everyone for your expertise!  
I have already connected with several amazing people through their amazing blogs as they share their lives and information. Thank you to each one that is apart of helping me be a success and sharing your wealth of information and talents. I'm having a great time!
Here's to growing and learning and connecting!

Have you meet some Awesome people through blogging or other Social Networks?

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