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Daily Journey

Monday, April 4, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 40

I was coming back from the mail boxes in our complex when I ran across this little beauty of collections. I thought WOW! Isn't that a beautiful picture. Everything is awaiting to be taken care of after a long cold Winters stay. The lion peeking out and checking it all out. Protecting them from those who may come by and think they might take his pheasant out to play. Buckets awaiting the new plants arrivals so they might once again reign in beauty as in days gone by.
It is so rustic looking to me.

Awaiting The Glory Days

Do you have buckets laying around after the long cold Winter awaiting for you to tend to them?

Socrates Is Downstairs

1 comment:

melody-mae said...

love your photo and totally agree everything is a photo opportunity!! Just yesterday after church the hubs along with my eldest daughter and her little family went for a drive to this beautiful resort area near our home. We were walking around and I saw this amazing old worn building and the patina on the door was so cool, I whipped out my camera phone and my daughter says, Mom do you want to stand in front of it? I said, Oh is just neat looking and I wanted a picture!! haha

have a wonderful day sweetie, it is pouring rain here, AGAIN!