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Daily Journey

Monday, April 4, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge- C

C~ Is for Cigar and Crowns
Or was that

Crowns and Cigars?

So okay I cannot remember that even after going to the baby shower.
We had a delightful time.
There was plenty of cigars as well as some crown.

Seems the boys had other ideas in mind while the ladies celebrate the up coming event of the new baby.
Lots and lots of food.

Along with plenty of guest ranging from 9 weeks old to your guess is good as mine.
So there was defiantly a wide range of guest at this celebration.

They received many wonderful gifts.
I think they may need a U-Haul to move all the loot to their home.

It seems the bags of goodies kept coming.
More and more diapers for the door prizes.
Of course you really cannot ever have enough of those,
as babies seem to go through those rather quickly.

The color theme for the baby shower was red white and blue.

The expectant father was in the Navy.
He served on the Aircraft carrier the "George Washington."
He was actually stationed on the ship when 9-11 happened.
It was docked in New York at the time.

So there was the sailor hats as well.

So the theme for Cigar and Crowns seemed to fit.

Really it was allot of fun!
There where many others like myself who knew no one.
As they came with someone who knew either the Mother to be or the Expectant Father to be.

Very lovely couple.
Their first child.

His name is going to be "Gavin".

I really like that name.
It is a strong name.
So they played some of the usually games you play at showers.
It was kind of hard to get the guys to jump in.

When the drawing came for the door prize hubby was no where to be found.

No surprise there! I'm sure he was out enjoying some of that crown along with a cigar.
But low and behold I was sitting and minding my own business when my numbers where called.

Yes! My number was 11216.
That's me!
I won!
Yes! I won!
I won a basket of wine.

Oh! I so love it and he wasn't present to see what I won.
I wouldn't have won had he not insisted I go.
So...Thank you! 
For taking me on this adventure to the

Cigar and Crowns baby's shower.
So as you see we had a fun time at the baby shower.

We ate lots of yummy food, Meet new folks and made new  friends.
We drank a bit of soda, as the guys folks polished off the crown.

And I'm sure hubby helped out with his share of that bottle of crown.
I enjoyed the pure joy of the parents opening the loot for the new one.

As we packed up and took our own prizes of loot home.
So know to plan for a nice dinner to go with our wine from the Cigar and Crowns baby shower.

As you see we had quit a time. Fun enjoyed by all.

Have you ever won a door prize?



Thisisme. said...

Good post, and it sounds as if a lot of fun was had at the Baby Shower! AND - lucky old you, winning that basket of wine. Wonderful! I expect hubby will help you to drink it though, even if it did do a disappearing act at the time!

Arlee Bird said...

Sounds like a real good time. I don't know when things changed, but when I was a kid a baby shower was just for the women. More and more I see baby showers with the guys included. If crown and cigars are part of the fun I can see why.

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