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Daily Journey

Friday, April 1, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 24

God's Finger Pointing This Way My Precious Child

Dear Lord,
Finally Friday! Though It is a new month. It is amazing how fast March went. This week even went very fast. In fact I cannot believe how quickly the months are slipping by. Lord the time is racing by.
I try catching each second and minute as they race by. the days slip into weeks and the weeks into months. It seemed just yesterday I had started writing my Lent letters to you. And here we are on the downside of them. The time is ticking away faster then I can hold onto each wondrous gift of each day you present me with.
Today was a full day at the salon. I'm always amazed at how the ladies act sometimes. It is so funny they come in 15-20 minutes early and then are upset when I cannot take them because I'm with another client. So very weird! Then cancel their appointment. I really sometimes don't understand their reaction. It is so very child like when they cannot have their way.
Though I was still busy even with the cancellation's today. I had four sets a perm and a color. Thank you for the work Lord.
Oh the sunshine was so gorgeous today!
I took all kinds of sunshine pictures of Spring. I can hardly wait to share some of them.
I was just wandering around taking pictures of the Spring flowers the sky. Oh I love the blue sky Lord.
So when I got home after going and getting my turbo tax program; Ck and I went for a lovely walk.
We just strolled around the field and the school yard enjoying the beauty of the afternoon Lord. I so loved the sun beating down on my face.
The roads were crowd with the weekend crowds going places and I'm sure those who were out just enjoying the sun as well.
Mostly today Lord I reflected once again the the past week and all that you revealed and shared with me. The lovely gifts of each day.
I laughed so hard today; I had both sisters call and ask me to come down. Sad I cannot. But they are both such a big part of my reflection this past week. I'm so happy they live close. Sad I cannot go visit this weekend.
It makes me giggle to think how funny it is that they both called. I love how they are both on the same wave link. (Smiles)
So I would say that I have learned today that I don't need to be in a rush even when the ladies think I should be. That they will have their turn. I think it is hard on them sometimes Lord. They want to do what they use to and aren't able. So then when other activities come up they want to do them all instead of picking and choosing the ones that would be most important to them. Or maybe they do and I don't see it.
It has been strange over there lately, Everyone seems to be angry or upset. I pray they would not be that way Lord.
I also love that my family is near me and how important they are becoming to me the older I get.
Enjoy each moment and minute that I'm in. Because I will not be able to catch that one again. It is in that moment that you are in as you walk with me in the garden of my life.
Cherish those whom you place in my life and make them feel as special and important as they truly are. Don't shove one person around to accommodate another just because they may have to wait or be uncomfortable for a little bit. It could be a good lesson in patience's. Not all waiting is bad it just can be uncomfortable.
As humans it appears even as we age we don't like the uncomfortable part of waiting and patience's. We are a fast food society in all things it appears. Slow down and enjoy the moment and those around as they maybe gone that quickly. I would think that as we grew older this would be something we would've have grown out of.  Guess not!
Tomorrow will be filled with much activity as I spend some time with hubby and prepare to go the baby shower with hubby! I have to chuckle over this one. I'm sure I will learn lots on this adventure with my hubby. My hubby's baby shower for one of the guys at work. how funny! LORD!
Spring Fever
I sure enjoyed the April Fools jokes he told me about today that took place at his work. Not sure I liked the one my oldest daughter pulled on me this evening though. Funny! Who ever thought about this day anyways. Thinking we needed a day where everyone played jokes on one another.
So as I close this letter this evening I will be anticipating tomorrows adventures.
I love you Lord
See you in the evening hours of pray.
Beth your loving daughter

Did you have an April Fools joke played on you today?

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