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Daily Journey

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 25

Blooms In The Grey Sky
Dear lord,
It was so wonderful to sleep in this morning. I felt like a true princess who was being allowed to do her most favorite things. Sleeping in and not getting dressed until she felt like it. Sad thing is I dint feel like it. So I didn't get showered and dressed until it was time to start getting ready for the baby shower this afternoon. So I lounged all day until almost two in the afternoon. Thank you for the leisure time Lord. I so enjoyed!
So I guess you could say I really didn't do anything much at all today. I rested and rested some more. Love that rest.
I did go with hubby to the shower. I wasn't that excited about going but I went reluctantly. I know that he wasn't sure about the whole baby thing. But it was a very lovely baby shower. Lots of people and good food. So very appreciative of all the guest that came. I meet some others that came that knew no one at all either. So I wasn't alone in my endeavor of being a support to the one that was invited. Their where many that came along with their family members and loved ones as well to support them.
So I would say today was about being a support. I learned that sometimes when we do things for our loved ones we truly don't want to do. It is because we love them and gives them the support they need. Being there for them and it also shows the younger ones what it means to love and support those in your lives. Many young adults there Lord. So lesson is being the support and leading by example. Sounds pretty easy. But not always.
I was ready to go and hubby wasn't. I sometimes find it hard to stay when I feel like it ts time to go.
The hostess that opened her home to this beautiful baby shower was so warm an gracious Lord. Thank you for allowing me to meet such lovely people.
I won one of the door prizes. The basket of wine goodies. I was really surprised and shocked. It is a lovely basket. Looks like I will need to prepare a nice dinner to go with that  bottle of wine.
There where lots and lots of children and babies there as well. So I think they changed this to a family event. It is awesome when all celebrate the arrival of a new blessing from you.
So as I close this night I think of all the wonderful baby showers I have been a part of in the past not just my own. It is an honor to be asked to celebrate the birth and arrival of the new baby's. This little guys name is Gavin Lord. So I know I said no prayers in this letter, but that I would pray for all at bed time as I normally do. But this mommy and daddy have tried and waited a very long time. Please let it be easy to be entreated and that this little man not arrive until his appointed time in your sons name Amen.
Celebration Of Up coming Birth
Thank you Lord as I was speaking with her mother and said she had several miss carries how sad. How blessed to have this little man come.  So many came to help celebrate the up coming arrival of his birth Lord. Thank you for allowing hubby and I  to be apart of the celebration.
It truly is an honor to be apart of the celebration of new lives being brought into this world.
Tomorrow I'm going to try and finish up taxes Lord. Oh I hate them so.
So goodnight so I will be alert and fresh for that exciting adventure.
Love you so much.
Your girl Beth

Do you sometimes do things to give support that you don't want to do?

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Oh, I'm sure I do! Although I can't think of any specific instances right now. :) I stayed in my PJs until almost 1:00 today also. Nice, kind of lazy morning.