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Daily Journey

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Worst April Fools Prank Joke Ever! ~ Inspired By My Anthony

My precious young man Anthony called today. We were speaking about the worst April Fools joke ever in his mind.
He loves that I write and thinks its really cool that his mema writes special things about him. So he said hey mema you could write about the worst ever April Fools joke. I chuckled because I'm sure to him it truly was the very worst April Fools joke ever. Maybe not to my husband or to others. But to Anthony it was.
In fact my hubby said well don't forget to mention what happened at work on Aprils fool that was really fun, and funny; but really mean too. That was the worst April Fools ever. So I will let you decide. I personally think I'm on Anthony' side on that I think he did receive the worst April Fools joke ever along with his mema, as I was included in on it and I didn't like it one bit. Nope! I didn't like it nor did I like the joke! Nope I didn't! (Smiling)
So a little back ground on the story is that my Anthony lives with his dad, his wife and his three sisters. He spends almost every weekend, all Summer and almost all holidays with my daughter his mom. His mom has three children as well that are his siblings. He is the oldest on both sides of the family. My daughter has two daughters and another  son the baby who is two. His only brother. So Mr. Anthony has a huge responsibility as a big brother to five sisters and one little brother. He does a great job too!
So his birthday was on March 21st. So I always send him something special. This year I was going to do something different. Well then he told me what he wanted. I said well lets see if one of your parents get it for you. If not your mema will. Well..... You can guess he didn't get if for his birthday. I can almost understand why. Very spendy gift it was. A new game for his PlayStation 3. Okay you have to understand I know nothing of these things. So he texts me all the information. I got it down.
I head to Walmart and get some help. I'm shocked at the price. I'm like okay. I told him I would do it. He is excited! He has been calling  almost everyday, have you got it yet. Then I purchase it and box it up with some other goodies to be shipped to the daughter. In the box is some clothes a little doggie for the oldest granddaughter because I had forgot to mail it off for her school surprise that I had been invited too. Some pretty little girl nails and make up for the daughter.
Anthony was bugging me when is it coming. I told him its arriving on Monday. So of course that meant he wouldn't be able to get his gift until this Friday.
OH NO! That's April Fools Day!
Well my daughter and her brilliant mind decided when she picked up Anthony from school that she would tell him his brand new game was broken and that his little brother had gotten a hold of it and broke it in pieces. Lovely! Not a good joke at all. Cruel and unusual punishment in my book.
The poor guy starts crying, gets really up set and mad. I think he has aright too! She tells him to stop being a cry baby. Oh No! She didn't go there! Yep!
How she holds back the laughter is beyond me. I would have been busting up.
Well, she couldn't allow him to cry like that so she said Anthony, Whats today. Aprils Fools. Hmmm...... He is still upset trying not to be mad at her or his brother. So to get him to laugh and not be mad so he will  get over it she says watch this Anthony. She then proceeds to call me and tells me that my Anthony is a cry baby. What? No he isn't? Yes he is! Okay why is he a cry baby? Because Brenden broke his new game that you sent him for his birthday. Really!?! I don't think he's a cry baby. And if you think he is wait till I'm done. I started in on her. Oh did I ever start in on her. (Long  story there so I'm cutting it short; you can only imagine. As I'm now getting very mad!) She didn't let it go long though. As she could no longer hold back the laughter I'm sure. Our conversation was about 3 minutes max before she burst out and told me the whole story.
She is busting out laughing non stop laughter, couldn't stop laughing. I said I'm sorry but I don't think this is funny at all! Then she tells me April Fools! Then she proceeds to tell me what she did to Anthony. No she didn't? Yes I did mom! Oh not nice at all! Cruel and unusual punishment! Yes very! I start laughing and say well I'm sorry but I think that is a very mean joke. Everyone is laughing and happy now. But my Anthony says that is the meanest joke ever. I agree with him totally! All ends well.

Hubby's funny story is one of the checkers bring in a dozen eggs and places them down in the break room with a note along with some cupcakes. "Help yourselves." The eggs are not hard boiled so you can only see what happens there. Mess what a mess! Glad I'm not the one needing to clean that up.
The cupcakes this is really funny to me. Great one actually.
She buys some sponges cuts them in circles puts them in the cupcake paper holders, ices them, puts some sprinkle on for decoration. (Still laughing hard over that one) The boss graps one and bites right into that sponge. I would have loved to seen that. Really clever practical joke. I think  that was a great idea. As everyone is always bringing something to snack on at work. Funny!

So there are my funny April Fools jokes. The worst one ever according to Anthony. This is where you get to pick which one you think is the worst.
Hubby's or Anthony's?

1 comment:

Thisisme. said...

The one with the eggs was really well thought out, and a lot of effort put into it. However, I agree with Anthony - I think that was a bit mean on the poor little lad, especially as he had been so excited about receiving his special gift! I think I would have cried as well! :(