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Daily Journey

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 26

Dear Lord,
Whew! What a day! I know this is the day you have made and we will rejoice in it! Yes! We will! Rejoice! In it! YES!
It was a bit chilly here again today. Doesn't feel like Spring at all. But I'm sure you will have Spring upon us in no time at all.
Hubby worked today on his day off. He switched it out because they are short handed at the store in his department. I'm really proud of him. I think he really likes this job allot. I'm sure that makes it much easier to go to work and do extra OT as well as work his days off.
I had plenty of work here at home to do today that is for sure.
CK and I did get to go on our walk. It was pleasant but cool. No sunshine just grey clouds. But it was still nice. Very peaceful and lots of people out walking there four legged fur babies. Even a Father out playing with his children. That was so delightful.
Home to work on taxes. That didn't go so well. Not a bit. Loaded some of the information in and found out that four hours of work was a waste. So then unloaded and started over once again. Yikes! I'm praying it is all loaded in right this time. It is truly allot of work. And the IRS doesn't like mistakes. Thank you for guiding me though this nightmare. 
Durning this process I was able to wash four loads of laundry. That catches up the laundry. I just want to know how two people can get so much dirty laundry in one week.
It does seem a woman's work is never done.
Was talking with one of the neighbors today Lord. I just love my neighbors. They are such a wonderful blessing each one of them. But she shared some disturbing news. It is good for the complex and the owners but not for us or the neighbors.
With the sell of the apartment complex I know comes many changes as they change hands and management. They are doing lots of remodeling. I guess they want to ask all of us to move out. I love my home Lord. It is over whelming to me. It was so hard two years ago when we had to move. It took us months to find this place. It is just perfect! Please give hubby and I peace regarding this. Let this not happen for a long time. I know change is always good and for a good reason. Maybe you have something nicer and better for us. We are so comfortable and happy here. We as well can afford this home too. Time will tell I guess.
So my lessons today is having much patience's and in all things that they will work out for your good and your glory.
Even if it doesn't feel like it at all.
Patience's lots of it.
Between the taxes and the news of possible moving. It will take patience's. Lots of patience's! It also makes me reflect upon all the good you have blessed us with each step we take as we follow you. That each one brings only your best gifts. That we must stay focused and keep your perfect peace and follow you. Then all things will work out. We need to keep our eyes upon you and not the whirling out of control things we have in our lives that we have no control over.
Makes my stomach hurt thinking about it though Lord. Moving is so very stressful. Taxes are stressful! I guess everything can be stressful if we let it. Staying fixed upon you and the things above will bring us peace, your peace. So releasing all the stress to you and letting you guide me will help keep me peaceful.
Thank you for showing me beautiful things even in a stressful day that. That you are still in control and with you all things work out for your good and your glory Lord.
Thank you for giving me your peace that surpasses all understanding.
I love you so much.
Tomorrow another day with new adventures and excitement.
Thank you for each new day you bless me with.
Love your Daughter Beth

Do you struggle with patience's?

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