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Daily Journey

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today over at "Write A Letter Wednesday" we are asked to go to "Monday Memories
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Link to "Monday Memories"

Swirling around in my head
Which one do I share
So many have I
Through the years
I have made some
Memorable ones
With childhood classics
To teenage antics
Rolling into adult hood
The young wife struggling
To the young mother learning
To a single mom on the move
Dating games played
To going back to school
Learning a craft and skill
To carry me though
Working days and nights
All in the name of survival of the fittest
A new man
A wedding to come
A new life
So many new memories to be made
A life time of memories
Created with love
Now into the golden years
More memories have I
Then I can count
Beauty each one
Treasured memories
New memories created
And new life's born
So many memories
Now with grandchildren
New ones to be made
So many have I
Of days gone by
All swirling around in my head
Oh the memories
The life's we created
The memory of a life that was dreamed
A life well lived
A life of love
A life of heart break
A life of joy and laughter
A life of memories
So many have I
All swirling around in my head


1 comment:

Josie said...

Finally it is Friday and at last I have a little time to catch up on blog reading tonite! This was such a beautiful poem, Beth! The stories and memories of a lifetime, and it all goes by so fast, doesn't it? Sometimes I think that I can't possibly have lived all those different "lives" in just 57 years, and here I am beginning again, a new love, a new life and a new town just three years now... and loving it. God has definitely saved the best for last! Thank you so much for sharing your writing on Monday Memories and Write A Letter Wednesday. I appreciate you!