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Daily Journey

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Anthony

Happy Birthday to the little man that lights up our world with his zest for life.
Anthony you are grandmas first grandson and grandchild.
I would have never dreamed I could be so in love.
My heart over flows with the love you bring into it.
The Lord truly blessed us the day you were born.
Your light shines brightly and you are such a blessing to your mom and siblings.
Not to mention each person in your life and those whom you touch daily with your love for life and God. 
                                                        I am so very proud of you
                                                 You are a inspiration and a strong leader.
I'm so glad your sisters and little brother have you to look up too.
You are not only there for them but as well as your many cousins.
You are such a help to your mom.
You are her shining star.
You are there to be a support and cheer leader to them all.
You are supportive to them in all of their activities.
You are such a blessing.
You always bring a bright smile to my face and to all those around you.
Your Aunts and Uncles all of us celebrate with you the day the Lord blessed us with you.
Happy Birthday Anthony!

Its not that heavy Mema.
This photo was taken at Sutter's Fort in Sacramento California. It is a hands on museum. The man next to Anthony is one of the Docents there that day. It was a full day of activities.
Yea! I can figure this game out! no problem!
Anthony hamming it up with his cheesy smile as he plays on the computer at his moms.
I see you goofy!
He is a goof ball! He was showing off some strange face this afternoon at his moms.
I can hardly wait to see them in May. All  three of the girls and all ten grandchildren. It will be so lovely.
Not to mention the great weather I'm sure.

Do your grandchildren live near or far? Or family if your not a grandparent or parent?


Thisisme. said...

That is another lovely post for Anthony on his birthday. (I remember the last one you did for him). I hope he has a lovely birthday. How wonderful will it be for you in May when all your family are together. That, truly, will be a blessed occasion. You will have to be patient for just a little while longer! My two year old grandson & 15 month old granddaughter live less than 5 minutes away by car. How lucky am I. Then my very special first granddaughter lives in Paris, but we get to see each other pretty often. She is coming over in a couple of weeks. Have a good week.

Fi said...

Hi Beth

I knew you would like the Sandpiper story and thanks for dropping by.
My first grandchild is due in 15 weeks - can't wait. Your grandson is a gorgeous looking kid, hope he has a lovely birthday

Cheers, Fi