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Daily Journey

Monday, December 12, 2011

13 days of Christmas family traditions ~ Hosted By Rainbow's Daily Life

13 days of Christmas family traditions ~
Hosted By Rainbow's Daily Life

I was trying to think of a family tradition that would be fun to share.
One that I love to do is personal adopt a family that wouldn't have Christmas other wise.
I sometimes pick name tags off the tree and purchase the gift the child would like.
I have even given to the angel tree through the prison ministry.
To the children who's parents are serving their time in prison.
I try to give where the Lord leads.
This year my hubby is the one that has picked out how we will give.
There is a young women in our apartments he wants to put a box of food together for.
So I'm letting him to that.
When the girls were little we would go out shopping.
I would give them each a dollar and tell them they needed to pass it on to someone that they thought needed it.
They always had someone they would find.
It amazed me to watch them through there eyes.
And see those hurting and blessing us through music that they would give.
They sometimes would ask for another dollar to share with someone.
They loved doing that.
One time my Amber wanted to give a few extra dollars to a group that where playing music under a bridge.
I asked her why?
She told me mom;
They need it to make music for others.
Through the eyes of babes!
It has blessed me to watch how they teach their young ones.
Sadly they have been those young moms in need of the blessings of gifts.
But they always say there is someone worse than them.
I am blessed to see the hearts of my daughters through those small lessons as young little girls shopping with me.
This tradition has carried on.
Even now my girls will call and say hey mom this is what is going on what do you think?
Can you help us be a blessing so that we can give.
God is good and I am glad that those dollars so long ago taught a lesson in sharing and giving beyond the Christmas season.

Do you have a special Christmas tradition that you are glad you taught or passed on?

1 comment:

Rainbow said...

This is beautiful!
We also adapt a needy family

Isn't it fun giving rather than
Love the blessings
thank you for joining my lil hop