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Daily Journey

Monday, December 12, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 292

This was a must steal off my nieces Face Book page.
I do so love napping great photos from my family!
This one is truly special
It is of my mom
My niece Cori
Her son Daniel
And of my Aunt Carol.
I think they all look great!
This photo looks to have been taken in front of my moms home.
Maybe around Thanksgiving.
As I know the family was there with mom.

Aunt Carol

I miss them all so very much.
Wish we all lived closer to one another.

Do you live in the same area as your family or are they all spread out?


Thisisme. said...

Here we are, Bethe, at the beginning of another week! What a lovely family photo for us today. I can imagine how you miss not being close to your family. Fortunately, my youngest daughter with the two little ones, lives only 5 minutes away by car, and, as you know, my other daughter and son in law live in France, with my 14 year old granddaughter. Hope you have a good week my friend.

Rainbow said...

Love the family pic ;) I sure miss my grandparents especially at Christmas time

Thankfully all of my immediate family is only about an hour that is my n dad are like 5 minutes away.