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Daily Journey

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tribute and Memory Page In Loving Memory Of Candace

My dear hubby's heart is breaking over the loss of his best friends daughter.
This is so hard for him living here in Portland when he wants to be in Sacramento with those he loves and for his best friend in his time of grieve and great loss.

This is the memory page with the obituary.
Her services will be on Saturday.

Thank you for your prayers and love regarding this situation and for the family.
I know they sure do appreciate it.

Lord I ask that you would be with this family as they grieve the loss of their beloved daughter and sister.
We thank you Lord for meeting each and every need that they have need of. I thank you Lord that you would bring comfort and peace to their broken hearts. Fill them with your perfect peace and love Lord. Send those that can speak and minster to their very need in this time of grieve Lord. I thank you Lord that you have them wrapped up in your loving arms holding them in the very palm of your hand Lord. Lord we thank you that you mend and heal their broken hearts and fill them with your perfect love Lord. We thank you that you will turn their mourning into rejoicing in Jesus name. Thank you Lord that they will rest in you and your love in Jesus name Amen

Candace Marie Magovac Obituary: View Candace Magovac's Obituary by The Sacramento Bee

This is the song they will be playing.
Her dad wanted us to go a listen to it.
So I wanted to share it here.

So if you go to the end of my page and turn of the music then you can turn this one on; and listen to it.

Thank you for allowing me this indulges as I pay tribute to this lovely young lady whose light has been taken home to the Father in heaven.

Is anyone else having problems with blogger and making post?


Thisisme. said...

I feel for your hubby who so wants to be with his best friend, as he grieves for the loss of his dear daughter. Such a shame that he can't be there. It is so tragic to lose someone who was so young. I pray that they will have the strength to get through this ordeal. Sending blessings to you Bethe. No, thankfully, I am not having any trouble with blogger at the moment. Beautiful song by the way.

Rainbow said...

you and your family are in my prayers!! I know what it is like to loose a young person, it has only been 3 yrs since my 20 yr old nephew was taken from earth.

Thankfully at the moment I am not having trouble posting.


April Neuman Maple said...

This is so sad, I was searching for my cousins and found this information. I feel so bad that I did not know. April Neuman Maple.