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Daily Journey

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 293

Today well sitting and waiting for John's case worker that didn't show.
We were playing with his new camera.
I couldn't figure that fancy thing out at all.
I'm not sure how he does it.
But he is an amazing man.
So I got out my camera on my phone and snapped this of him.
It turned out rather nice.
The wind catcher in the back ground was left at his door last evening.
We don't know who is secret admirer is.
But it sure is a lovely gift.
He loves all the Southwestern,
Indian, and western look.
He has some nice pieces.
I was sad one of his favorite was broken.
Isn't that the way?


John Just Hanging Out

Do you have a special collection of things that you like to collect?


Thisisme. said...

You caught a good photo of John there, on your phone. You must be such a blessing in his life, Bethe. Bit of a nuisance that his care worker didn't turn up! Hugs.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a great picture..Love dream catchers/wind catchers..Happy gift and special, for a special person.
Hope all is well with you..

Karen S. said...

A couple of things, one is my memories, especially of seems thankfully I don't let any memories especially the little things ever fade is good and best of all is recalling those special moments!