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Daily Journey

Friday, December 16, 2011

13 days of Christmas family traditions ~ Hosted By Rainbow's Daily Life

13 days of Christmas family traditions ~
Hosted By Rainbow's Daily Life

Day 5

As I sit here thinking about more traditions that we have for the Christmas season.;
I have realized over the years they have surely changed many times over.
As the children grew we had to change things of course.
Then as the house emptied out and they had homes and lives of their own.
Then there was the grandchildren.
So some of the old traditions were started up once again.
When we moved away it was time to change again.
I helped raised my young nephew.
So then I had to find things that would be meaningful and something we could pass on to him.
Some of the old traditions would once again come out and join us for fun again.
Now there is this new season and time in our lives.
Where there is no children around and family that doesn't live close.
So now we are finding even new things to make as new traditions.
That will fit our life style and who we are.
What is meaningful to us.
As now it is for the most part just hubby and I.
So for tonight my tradition is finding new traditions that fit and meet who we are today and where our lives are headed.
Not so easy.
So I'm finding things I like doing and have meaning to me.
Like going out with neighbors to a Church Christmas play;
As well as other Christmas events.
Going out with the girls after a night out enjoying the sites, sounds, and music of the Christmas season;
 Then heading out for coffee and pie afterwards.
Love doing things with the girls.
But not so easy finding traditions in our changing life.
I thought about that today with the ladies at the salon.
How their families and lives must have changed through the years.
Now they are living in assisted home.
No cooking big meals
Usually no shopping
Family not around
No little ones running around
Just the memories of pictures that go floating through the stages of your life
No decorating
So many things change through the years.
Decorating if the family comes to help;
Otherwise it is the decorations that are through out the building and in the lobby and other common areas.
So learning to make new traditions.
Learning to be adaptable and growing in the happiness of the moment in time.
Learning to celebrate where I'm at.
Not always easy!
But always

Have you found through the years your traditions have changed?

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