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Daily Journey

Thursday, December 15, 2011

13 days of Christmas family traditions ~ Hosted By Rainbow's Daily Life

13 days of Christmas family traditions ~
Hosted By Rainbow's Daily Life

Day 4

One of my traditions that I loved doing was I would stay up and be Santa Claus.
I would wait and wrap all my presents after the girls went to bed.

Ready For The Presents

I would be up into the wee hours of the morning.
I think I was going to bed when they were raising up to see if Santa had been.
I would nibble on their cookies.
Or should I say gobble them down.
Milk I wasn't so good at.
I usually had hubby drink it.
Now that the children are grown and we don't live near by.
I wrap away to ship my gifts so that they will arrive in time for Christmas.
Sadly I do miss that act of staying up and wrapping all night long.
But I must say i do love getting my sleep.
The girls were always aloud to open their stockings.
But had to wait for us to get up to do the tree.
I so miss the little ones with their wide eye excitement and joy of all the presents.
Now I just look forward to finding those perfect presents to send to my grandchildren.

Pretty Little Dolly

What Boy Doesn't Want A Set Of Knifes

It still brings me rich joy and happiness.

Do you like wrapping presents? Or do you have someone else wrap for you? 

1 comment:

Rainbow said...

Oh those are some wonderful memories I remember mom n dad doing that...hehe

I love the little dollie so cute and inocent...and the knives how cool