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Daily Journey

Thursday, December 22, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 302

Meet Toby the kitten.
She is the newest addition to my sisters home.
She is the most adorable little kitten.
Extremely playful and lovable.
She is quite the character though.
She loves water and will jump in the tum and go swimming.
I don't think any one told her that she isn't suppose to like water and swimming.
She is a bit wild.
She has broke a few things around the house too.
I'm surprised she has survived with the four dogs and the baby.
But she maintains her own.

Playful Toby!

How do you come up with pet names?


Karen S. said...

By something I see in them. We have a cat (looks very much like this one) that is actually named Kitty...oddly enough....but funny thing is she's about 4 years old and still looks like a kitty! guess her names really does fit her!

ღ soraya ღ said...

Nice post...thanks for sharing..happy holidays...soraya

Rainbow said...

very nice!! they are so curious even
when they get older

well I name mine by Caz
is short for he is such a lover...and wiggles the boxer well her name says it all..she is all wigglly

Merry Christmas