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Daily Journey

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

13 days of Christmas family traditions ~ Hosted By Rainbow's Daily Life

13 days of Christmas family traditions ~
Hosted By Rainbow's Daily Life
Day 9

So it appears I have gotten a bit behind.
So this is post 9 and then I will have a second one to catch up.

My next tradition would be that;
Every year I would take the girls to see Santa as most parents always take their children to see Santa.
I would dress them in pretty little dresses and have their pictures taken.
I would buy one and always have my camera with me as well so that I could get more.
As I couldn't always afford what they charged for the photos.

I remember my mom taking me to see Santa as well.

The best part of taking my girls to see Santa was they had seen a picture of me when I was a young girl sitting on Santa's lap so they where never afraid.
Especially after I told them I worked for him a few Christmas seasons and that I had the hot line phone that went personally to Santa.
So they wouldn't act up.
They would get really afraid that I would stop Santa from coming because I knew him personally and I worked for him.
It was so funny!

I really did work the Santa booths in the malls in Sacramento a couple of Christmas's.
It was the most fun.
Actually how I meet the girls dad.

So going to see Santa even as an adult is fun  to me.
I love to go see him.
Sad most don't even look like Santa's too me though.
I like the old traditional Santa's.

Do you like the old fashion Santa's or the more modern ones?


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