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Daily Journey

Monday, December 19, 2011

13 days of Christmas family traditions ~ Hosted By Rainbow's Daily Life

13 days of Christmas family traditions ~
Hosted By Rainbow's Daily Life

Day 8

I don't know if you would call this a tradition.
But somehow this funny little thing has been taking place in our family for generations;
For as long as I can remember.

You are really going to laugh!
Out loud hard!
On this one.

We wait to see who gets the worse Christmas gift of the year.
You see when we were small kids.
First let me say my grandma was the best.
But at Christmas time.
You never knew who was going to get that gift that you go;
You poor thing!
It is like what are you thinking?
One year my sisters and I got look a like bell bottom pants in different colors but with huge daisy's all over them.
Oh yes!
They were never ever worn.
Well ...
Years later they were under my tree for my daughters.
All three of my girls got the pants that me and my two sisters didn't wear.
My mom saved them!
Can you believe it!
Then she re-gifted them to my daughters the worst gift in the world!
Then one year hubby got this home made shirt;
Well lets say it is safe to say no one will be ever wearing that shirt!
Then another years she made him a sweater.
It was a pretty sweater
Except that it had one arm that was much longer than the other.
So you see who gets the worse gift.
Now my daughters say that I have to do that.
I don't really want to do that.
But it is funny!
We laugh and it makes the most incredible memory.
So Tradition...?
I don't know.
We do get a bang out of it.
So we look every year to see who the winner of that horrible gift is going to be.
Could it be you?
Can you believe we actually get excited about seeing who is the lucky recipient.
That is so sad!
It brings so much laughter and entertainment and a story to tell for years to come.
Thank you grandma and mom for starting something and passing it along .....
I think!

Do you have family members that gift funny obnoxious gifts? And you wonder...?


1 comment:

Rainbow said...

I love this memory today ;)
I am not sure why you got my package back hmmmm weird

OK try this..
Regina Heginbotham
% Bea Heginbotham
71 S 273rd E Ave
Catoosa, OK 74015

that is weird I have never had mail returned I am sorry!!