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Daily Journey

Monday, December 19, 2011

Prompt From Jl~ Dodge Writes

Today we are doing USE THESE WORDS... The rules are you must use 8 of the 10 words given, with no changes in prose or any form of poetry... Today's words are...MIRAGE, REQUIRE, FIREPLACE, ADORABLE, CASHMERE, STYLISH, PAJAMAS, MIDWINTER, HANDMADE, DEAR...

In a midwinter dream
The mirage of memories come rushing
Of Christmas's of long ago
As I sit rocking near the fireplace
Hearing the adorable voices of laughter and song
As my dear children run in
With stylish pajamas
Made of cashmere

As each Christmas comes
Homemade cookies and candy
Fill the air with sweet scents
Each child require their share
Hands full of homemade treats

As the mirage of memories
Fill my midwinter dreams of long ago
The music softly plays
My favorite Christmas songs
Of long ago

Come sit a spell
Near the fireplace
As we reminisce about Christmas
My dear as the music plays softly
As we rock away the night
Wrapped in cashmere
And the love of Our Savior


Do you like to sit and share stories of Christmas past with loved ones?

1 comment:

Susie Swanson said...

You nailed it Bethe, you are so talented.. I love it..Susie