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Daily Journey

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

13 days of Christmas family traditions ~ Hosted By Rainbow's Daily Life

13 days of Christmas family traditions ~
Hosted By Rainbow's Daily Life

Day 2

One tradition I seem to have every year no matter what is. Christmas movies.
Lots and lots of Christmas movies.
I love them!
I can watch them all day long into the wee night hours.
I have my favorites.
You cannot find them much on TV any more.
I love watching the classic black and whites.
The originals as you would say.

Though I do so enjoy the Hallmark movies very much.
I have quite a collection movies that are Christmas.
From cartoons.
Charlie Brown Christmas being my all time favorite.

To the animated ones
"Rudolph" the Red nose reindeer."

So many to choose from.

But It never feels like Christmas until you have sat and watched
"It is A Wonderful Life"

How many times has one wished things were different or that we weren't born.
How life would be different.
Ones life really does make a difference.
"White Christmas"

What child doesn't dream of a white Christmas the fresh snow.
Though there is so much more to this story.
Giving with nothing in return.
Of course it is a dance and song routine along with a love story.
And don't you just love those red dresses?
Even dear hubby loses those dresses!
And of course
"Miracle On 34th Street"

Which in my opinion should be seen every Thanksgiving evening after dinner.
Because Santa Claus arrives in town.
The story of a little girl and non belief.
So you say its not about Santa.
I agree it is about out Lord and Savior!
But Santa represents to the love of giving to me.
He brings joy and happiness.
What child doesn't love to send a letter.
Just a perfect way to start the Christmas season.
And lets not forget
"The Little Drummer Boy"

Don't we all have a gift to give.
He gave his song on the drum.
I have so many,
My list is endless.
I hope you find some joy in a collection of Christmas stories whether they are new or old.
They bring a special magic all their own to the wonderful Christmas season.

A little girls love for Christmas all year round.
Which I personal think should be practiced year round myself.
Why should we limit this beautiful gift to one day a year or a small season.
With the Lord everyday is Christmas and should be celebrated!
"A Christmas Story"

Who cannot relate to the little boy and the Red Ryder BB gun.

How many times has this one been made.
A lesson or two to be learned here on every level no matter what version or year you watch this great classic story and movie.
Love this movie!
My list is endless as you see.
So yes!
I would say Christmas movies are a tradition in this household for sure.
I know I could name so many more
I so enjoy all the Hallmark ones.
How about :
"The Santa Claus"?

How funny is this movie?
A man who sells toys who becomes Santa.

My daughter and I for her birthday the year 
It came out went to see it for her birthday.
This one holds a special place for Amber and I.
"Jack Frost"

Christmas movies I love them!

What is your favorite Christmas movie?


Sush said...

Whew I think you've named all my favorites! I hope I get to watch some of them during the holidays. So far we've just managed to view a few of the Hallmark ones.
May all your days be bright, dear one...

Rainbow said...

WOW you got all of my favorites :)
I saw a new one this year called the flight before Christmas

I love Its a wonderful life.

Thank you for joining my lil hop