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Daily Journey

Monday, November 7, 2011

PlayDate ~ A Walk With Hubby!

I wasn't going to write a play date with God today. But I so miss writing them. It is one of my favorite links to do.
One because I believe God gives us many play dates everyday.
So I should have many to choose from.
And I thought this to be an odd play date with Him and hubby both.
But ....
My schedule has been such that it has been to busy to focus on writing for all the links I want to do.
But ....
I felt this one was a timely one.
As many of you know my beautiful CK girl cannot go on walks any longer. I'm blessed to be able to get her to walk around the little apartment up the hill in the grass to care for her business.
But she is healthy and doing very well for an old gal of 14 plus which equals about 93 human years, or somewhere there abouts anyways.
 I so do enjoy walks and the surrounding beauty that the Lord has blessed us with.
Each season brings such richness of its own.
All hand painted by our Father's hand; for us to enjoy.
So hubby has been encouraging me to walk with him.
He isn't a fun person to walk with.
I cannot take my time and take picture's.
He likes to go about dusk.
It is cold then!
 I don't like being cold!
I realize this work's for him though.
Not so much for me!
I think he plans them that way so I wont take the camera.
He walks much to fast; like he is going to a fire.
He is a speed walker.
As on the other hand I am not.
I like to walk, take my time and take in all the beauty that surrounds me.
 I enjoy taking pictures if I choose too on my walks.
Then he also likes to push me into going around the school more than once.
He likes going around twice.
I'm dog beat after that; once is tough enough for me. Twice around I'm feeling like a walking zombie.
So you ask yourself how is this a play date then.
Well our schedules are very busy we don't get to spend that much time together. Our hours don't coincide together at all.
So this time such as it is does draw us closer.
He likes to feel like he is encouraging me and helping me health wise.
Which he really is doing both encouraging me and helping with my health.
It may not feel like it; but it is.
I have had two wonderful blood reads for by diabetes. I'm so excited about that.
I think sometimes our play dates are just what we need;
Not just what we want and how we like them.
So being able to spend time with the one you love and help encourage them and make their lives a bit healthier; through the act of a brisk walk that might not be the fun one likes, is just what I need.
With that said; that is exactly what we do.
He tries to get me out at least three times a week.
I know when CK and I would go for our walks we would try to do at least four or five. Those days aren't to be any more; my season has changed with her.
She was an adventurist with me.
Which I miss so very much.
But now I can have new adventures with hubby and our walks.
Hubby is lets go get it done and make it quick.
It is a different kind of an adventure.
I thank the Lord for this man that helps me with his encouragement to stay fit and healthy.
Next thing you know I will be back in the gym.


3 John 2

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

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Do you go on walks with hubby? Does he slow down and enjoy or is he a speedy walker?


Rainbow said...

Yippee I made the first comment.
Thank you for sharing When Bob and I walk we walk almost the same pace...sometimes I do find him walking a little faster...but its all good

thank you for sharing.

~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
I love your walks with our God. some times we get off his foot prints but we all come back fast to him and to his love he gives us.
I love your post sweet lady...
Take care of your self for me...
XXOO Diane

Laura said...

I have missed you, Beth! But I certainly understand the busy. I have been guilty of that also. But I think this is a perfect playdate! You certainly had me smiling. Good news about the diabetes. Keep working ont that!I think I would like to take a walk with you sometime. We could dawdle and take photos and just breathe in the beauty. Wouldn't that be fun.

Bethe77 said...

Yes! Laura I would love to take a walk with you and dawdle awhile on the path and take some photos that would be wonderful . We have a date my friend.

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Hi Beth,

Lovely post.

x Fiona