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Daily Journey

Friday, November 25, 2011

65 Day Journey

Day 29

It was a long night for us at our house last night.
Poor CK was sick all evening.
So we were up all night about every half hour taking her out.
She seems to be doing a bit better this evening.
Praying so.
We need sleep in this house.

I managed to escape the madness of the Black Friday excitement....
But not CK nor my middle daughter Amber.
She had to work two different jobs for this huge event for the retail stores.
So as she was leaving one of her jobs to go to the other;
I had the extreme pleasure of her phone call at 5 am wondering if I had got in on any of the
My answer to that was;
I needed my sleep more than a sale.
In fact it makes me nervous and gives me chills to think about going out shopping on this day or on this weekend at all.
Which tends to make me think I must be sick.
Actually I just really don't like crowds are the whole idea of the whole push a good sell to get you in to spend money you really don't have;
Just to boost their sales for the holidays.
Just wrong to me.
Makes perfect sane people act totally stupid.

I know this isn't exactly Black Friday sell picture.
But the frenzy is represent well in it.

I sprained my ankle today;
 On wet leaves as I was coming in the door after taking CK out for her business.
 So many leaves around.
I should be more careful!
I really did this up with a bang.
I will have to wear a brace.
I had my massage therapist look at it.
Okay it is official!
I am accident prone it appears.
Please Lord;

Scattered Leaves Of Wet Gold

I did go out to an early lunch with a friend before she left to go home.
They had to drive over the mountain.
She we drove just up the street to the cafe.
It was a very nice time.

Then home I came!
  I worked on some more Christmas projects and completed yet another blanket.
It was a little harder this one.
One of the piece's of material seemed a bit stretched out of shape.
So really had to work with it.
It did turn out nice though.

Great Nephews Blanket

CK Supervising
Saying Okay!|
Its Time For MY Walk Mom!

 CK and I went on a small walk.
The sun was out today.
It truly was a beautiful day.
So I had camera in tote and took some pictures.
That I'm sure I will be sharing on my 365 days of pictures.

Empty Branches Of Beauty

I also was able to get out in the garage and search for a few things.
Getting ready to put together the adopt a grandparent project for Christmas.
I also worked on putting together a few of my Mary Kay orders.
I hope to have them either put into gift baskets ready for delivery or in the mail by Monday.

So basically it has been a very quiet day.
Actually I'm a bit lonely.
Hubby had to work.
They also had a good-bye party that is is at.
So alas I'm home alone.


Luke 11:39

Then the Lord said to him, 
"Now you Pharisees make the outside of the cup and dish clean, but your inward part is full of greed and wickedness.'

Devotional Card

Thank you, Father, for the many reminders around us of your greatness and goodness. Accept the praise of our hearts.

Numbers 14:21

"But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord."

Day 25

I'm thankful I didn't hurt my ankle worse than I did.
That in about a week or two I should be fine; as long as I keep it wrapped.
For the short walk with CK girl in the beautiful brisk sunlight of the day.
The beauty that was captured in my camera lens.
For Gods daily  presence in my life and His divine guidance in all that I do.
For the sounds and smells of the season all around me.

Do you adventure out and shop on Black Friday?

1 comment:

Thisisme. said...

Hi Bethe. Gosh, you're doing so many different things at the moment. Makes my head spin just reading about them! I can't believe that you have sprained your ankle. Poor you :( It can be very painful but, as you say, thank the Lord that it wasn't any worse. Another blanket finished! yOU're doing so well with them. Poor little CK - sorry to hear that she was unwell, and hope that she will soon be better. Please take care.