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Daily Journey

Sunday, November 13, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 263

I did it again.
I stole another photo from my daughter Amber's Face Book page.
I do love being able to do that too.
I'm so grateful she post photos of the children for me.
I just wish the other two had Face Book so I could keep up with them and see photos of the other six grandchildren.
Maybe Amber might snap some for me and post them.
That would be so wonderful!

This is Summer on Halloween.
I believe she is purple fairy.
I'm just guessing.
What a cutey pie!

A Purple Fairy

When you don't have anything in pictures that you are happy with or want o post do you go searching through old photos?


Rosebud Collection said...

How cute she is..As you know my photos are scarce..I am always chasing the moon..
Nothing beats children..Adorable..

Karen S. said...

She is darling! Such an adorable costume too! I do search through old photos, and love to post some of my older ones on Facebook too, others on FB love seeing their photos from maybe a long forgotten Halloween party, or a few that are like my father, who appears in his younger days like my oldest son, and how funny it is when eeryone things it's my son! Oh the things we can do with photos, and you know my Sepia Saturday posts are about as many old, old photos I can find!