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Daily Journey

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday Centus With Jenny Matlock

Jenny had a real sense of humor this week!
I'm a bit late in the post;
Due to dental work yesterday I wasn't feeling like much writing or posting.
But here it is!

We're doing another picture prompt this week...with a twist! But it's the same twist. Just different. Let's see what happens when we continue the same story from a slightly different point of view. See the little kid with the hot pink circle around her? Write her story.

WORD COUNT - Not to exceed 100 words.

Coach I have been practicing really hard!
I know I can guard the goal just as you have taught us too.
My whole family is watching in the stands;
Cheering me on!
Not to mention my aging grandma who watches from the window above.
She will know if I'm playing she said;
Even though most of us have fiery red hair.
Grandma says my fiery red hair is just as hers was when she was a child.
The number six on my back is her favorite number.
Please Coach I know I can do this.
I can keep the opposing team from bringing in the winning goal!



Do your looks favor any of your grandparents?

Jenny Matlock


anitamombanita said...

Well done. As to your question...I never thought I looked like any of my grandparents, but I do look a lot like my mom who looks a lot like her mom, so by definition I must look like my grandmother, no? Not sure how that worked out, but not so much. ;)

Nonna Beach said...

That was a sweet, loving take on the prompt. Who wouldn't want to get out there on the field to make their Grandma proud ??? Well done !!!

I do resemble my father's mother and also my Mom. I guess I am a combo of both women.

Sue said...

I look like my mom and have a few things like my grandma.

Cute story. I know my grandkids love to know that I am watching. They make me proud!


Judie said...

I was always told that I looked like my paternal grandmother. I never knew her because she died a long time before I was born. I have never really seen the resemblance in any of the old photos. My grandparents immigrated here from Croatia along with my father.

Jenny said...

I loved this wonderful story, especially because number six is our middle Granddaughter!

This was really lovely.

I take after both my Grandmothers quite a bit! At least according to my parents and their siblings.