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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Sunday, November 27, 2011

65 Day Journey

Day 31

Amazing that we have been on this great journey headed into the new year.
I love it!
It has kept me accountable
I actually have been focused on some of the things on my list and they are getting accomplished.
Thank you Cheryl over at Prairie Maiden
For taking us and challenging us on this journey into 2012.

Today I went out with my friend Carol.
My hubby wanted us to stop over at Lowe's.
So we did.
We both picked up some Christmas goodies and gifts.

Then we went on a little drive.
It started pouring down.

Sandy, Oregon

We ended up in Sandy at a wonderful little restaurant rich in history.

History Story
Front Of Menu

It also had a little bakery and a very fun gift shop.
the name of the restaurant is
Tollgate Restaurant & Inn
The food was excellent!

Carol's Lunch

I couldn't eat it all.

Beth's Lunch

We also had the most wonderful old fashion milk shakes they where so tasty too!

Frosty Old Fashion Milk Shakes

Then we headed towards home.
Then we stopped at Marshall's to do a bit of Christmas shopping.
I was able to pick up a few more gifts.
I also found my Christmas table runners.
One more thing off my list.

No blankets today.
Maybe tomorrow.
I have enough material to do one here at the house then I must buy more material to achieve all that I have on my list.
Still praying about that one.

When I arrived home I had a business call from the lady I have been doing the fill work for.
She is going to try and come back.
So ....
Not sure where that leaves me at.
Not going out for lunches that is for sure!
On call...
Waiting to make money
Not making much money.
God will provide!

Which will help in the healing of my ankle this week.
Praise the Lord for small gifts in disguise!

I'm thinking on Thursday I will have time to get some of my other projects started and possibly completed.
This may work in my favor.


Romans 14:12

So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.

Devotional Card
Help us Lord, to carefully bear the fruit of the Spirit. Help us to be the very essence of goodness.
Matthew 5:6

"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled."

Day 27

Friends that come to your rescue and get you out for the day.
Finding great specials on Christmas gifts!
Not spending money you don't have but using the wisdom that God gave and a friend that helps keep you accountable.
A hubby that says things always work out the way they are suppose too.
Don't worry!
My oldest daughter calling and checking in with me.
Sharing wise words of wisdom that the Lord has placed in her.
Thank you Lord for giving me daughters that chase after your heart and live before you.
The Lords unconditional love for me.

Did you do any kind of shopping at all this Thanksgiving weekend?

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