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Daily Journey

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 265

We are only 100 photos away from completing this 365 day challenge!
I cannot believe we are well over half way there.
I have manged to accomplish many challenges;
But this is the longest challenge.
I haven't decide what to do when I complete it though.
I have so enjoyed posting a photo a day.
Oh there I go!
The new challenge when this one is complete could be
"A Photo A Day!"
If you have any ideas please post and suggest, I am open to suggestions.

I found this great little inexpensive little door hanger out shopping yesterday before I went to the dentist.
I wanted one to hang on the door that I wouldn't care if they took it down and tossed it.
As they seem to be notorious for doing that.
I found this great little door hangers at "Jo Ann's."
They had some great little goodies in their store.
They usually do.
I even bought a few crafts to work on for Christmas gifts.
I will be sharing those later.
I paid only eight dollars for this festive door hanger.

I usually have wraths hanging on my door year round.
Since the big whoopee do here...
I haven't had anything hanging.
Told me I couldn't.
We will see what happens.

It is time to be festive and full of thanksgiving and joys of the birth of our Savior.
I cannot imagine not decorating or having something hang on my door.
Just wouldn't feel like the holidays without one.

Holly And Pine

Do you like to have wreaths or some kind of door hanger or welcome on your door?


Thisisme. said...

Hi Bethe. You have done SO well with this photo challenge, and well done for keeping going with it. When it's finished, what about a photo for each month of the year. A photo that really reflects the month that you are posting it. (Or you could post four monthly photos, i.e. one a week). I love your festive door hanger. It's every bit as good as a festive wreath. Amazing to think just how close we are to Christmas! Eeek!

Rainbow said...

Love the hanger..and love thisisme's idea about the photo of the month for that idea..I will help you host it if you would like ?