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Daily Journey

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

65 Day Journey

Day 19

Cheryl over at the Prairie Maiden has this other wonderful Link.
On Tuesday she falls back to this format from 
 The Simple Woman's Day Book.
I thought how much fun!
So for today I thought that I would give it a try along with my 65 day journey.
You may also want to check out Chery's blog.
Her blog is awesome!

The notes below are from her blog so that I could share the format with you all.
Not sure I am doing this all the right way.
But I'm in learning mode; so please be patient.

Taking Part In The Simple Woman's Daybook

Here's how to take part:

1. Create your daybook using the prompts below making sure in your entry you include a link back to my blog using this link.


Outside my window...

The darkness of night surrounds the dusty dark blue of night with scattered rain with light winds blowing

I am thinking...

Why am I up writing this so late at night; instead of being in my nice warm snuggie bed

I am thankful...

For my husbands safe flight home from Arizona.
A nice warm home to stay in; out of the element's of the night air and cold.


From the learning rooms...(if this applies)

Hmmm...... The learning room!
Okay the learning room of life.
That some days just wont go the way you planned no matter how hard you try to stay on schedule. So just go with the flow. It will all work out in the end.
(I'm thinking this applies to those who have small children at home. But ... I'm thinking I'm in the classroom everyday learning the ropes of life. So I will see if this fits the learning room.)

In the kitchen...

Some dishes that need to be put away. Sadly yet more in the sink waiting to be cleaned.
Nothing brewing and cooking this late in the evening/or this early morning hour.

I am wearing...

Strawberry pink PJ's that actually have strawberry;s on the pants with buttons down the front of the top. Comfy!

I am creating...

I'm working on a blanket for oldest grandson. As well as some cross stitch. I'm sure I have plenty of other craft projects as well. This time of year leans towards many a craft in my home.

I am going...

To bed soon so that I might get up and go to work and take care of my daily business that I have. Which lately is a full plate.

I am wondering...

How I am going to get all the ladies done for Thanksgiving week at the salon.

I am reading...

I just received this book from one of my girlfriends as a gift. It is wonderful too as my daughter wanted me to read it said it was excellent.
 "Heaven is For Real" By Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent.
I know I have a few others that I'm working on as well;.
But... it has been a while since I picked them up.

I am hoping...

That my girlfriends from Klammath Falls will get to move here to the Portland area soon.

I am looking forward to...

To having Thanksgiving and Christmas here at the house. It always is so nice to have the home open for family friends to gather.

I am hearing...

The running of my computer. The electricity running through the cord in the quiet of my well lit room.

Around the house...

The bird is covered for the night. The hubby tucked away with the beautiful CK girl fast asleep in the other bedroom. The darkness fills the house for a good nights sleep.
(Wondering what happened to me)

I am praying

For my daughter Amber to get a car.
That her sister Heather and her would have an easy transition into their new home on the first. That Heather would be able to get the apartment fixed before she turns over the keys.

I am pondering...

What I am going to do to make Christmas special for my grandchildren this year that wont cost alot. Especially since we live in another state.

One of my favorite things...

In the late Fall and Winter sitting having a cup of Hot Chocolate snuggled up watching a great old movie under a cozy warm quilt.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Work is on the top of the list.
Making some list to get some of my Holiday festivities on the way.
Work on my blanket and maybe go to Jo Ann's and get some more material for some more blankets.
Maybe start on my Christmas cards so they will be done shortly after Thanksgiving. Which means I need to work on my Christmas letter.
It seems the list for one week these days is long.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
(add your picture here)

When you get to the place where you would worry, Stop and pray. -Edgar Cayce

Evening Prayers
In Gresham, Oregon

Devotional Card

Thank you, dear Lord, for the gift of your love, so freely given. Please teach me how to give freely to your glory.

James 4:8

"Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you."

Day 15

I'm thankful that God gives me rest.
That hubby is home from his trip to Arizona.
That His provisions are sufficient for me; because all my needs are meet in Him daily.

Do you have problems sleeping? If you do what do you do to get to sleep?


Jerralea said...

Welcome to the Simple Woman's Daybook! I enjoyed reading your daybook, and thanks for the reminder about doing Christmas letters. I have some time off coming up, and it would be the perfect time to get that out of the way.

I love your photo inspiration for Evening Prayers!

proverbs31heart said...

I love the idea of a daybook and have done something similar on my own sites for years. It was fun reading about your day! :)

On another note...I'm stopping by today to thank you for all the hard work you on this blog and award you the Liebster Blog Love Award.

To learn more about the award and grab the image, go to this page:

Have a blessed day!

All My Love,

Diana said...

I hope and want to give mostly homemade gifts this Christmas, too. I feel like they are more personal and it just so happens that they don't cost as much either :)

Stopping by from TSWD and I'm also doing Project 365 this year.

Angela said...

That some days just wont go the way you planned no matter how hard you try to stay on schedule. So just go with the flow. It will all work out in the end.
(I'm thinking this applies to those who have small children at home.ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm...nope!! lol...As one with three children, well young adults,,one will be turning 19 in a few weeks, the oldest is 22, and the youngest is 15..I'm DEFINITELY learning this now..going with the flow...My goodness, sure would have been nice if I had learned it when they were younger, but hey..I'm STILL Praising God! I have learned..and will go with the flow these's true, "It will all work out in the end." Blessings!!

Sunflower Faith said...

Welcome to the daybook! Its a really fun meme to do every Tuesday and really just a great way to share with others and share bits of encouragement as well.

Appreciate the comment you left on my blog, Sunflower Faith and thank you so much for stopping by! Hope to see you again.

Rainbow said...

I love the day book ;) its a great idea.

Please CK your email I have a goodie for you there.