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Daily Journey

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Three Word Wednesday Promt~

Drank; past tense of drink, verb: Take (a liquid) into the mouth and swallow; consume or be in the habit of consuming alcohol, especially to excess.

verb: Move (something) into a different position with a jerk; fasten or tether with a rope; noun: A temporary interruption or problem.

Muster; verb: Assemble (troops), esp. for inspection or in preparation for battle; collect or assemble (a number or amount); summon up (a particular feeling, attitude, or response); noun: A formal gathering of troops, esp. for inspection, display, or exercise.

As each soldier drank in the scene before them
They moved each one of the troops
To muster them in
As each hitch was moved into position
For the battle that was set before them


This weeks words where a bit challenging, not so easy.
But I like to write something for the words just before I head off to work.
I think if I sat long and pondered on these I might have a good write. But...
Alas this is my ten minute quickie.

Do you like to challenge yourself in your writing skills?


Daydreamertoo said...

There is nothing good about war, is there and yet, we need our forces to protect our freedoms. God bless them all.

Nanka said...

So much strength and preparedness even in the face of dangers put before them!! A salute to the brave men in uniform!!

Sheilagh Lee said...

bravo. a perfect description of how brave they are that go to war.

Laurie Kolp said...

Looks like we were on a bit of the same wavelength.

MaryA said...

War is never pretty. But I do like the way you used the three words. I had not thought of using drank in reference to seeing--Good choice.