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Daily Journey

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Poetry Picnic Week 14: What I'm Thankful for in My Life

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I have been pondering this challenge all week. Here we are on Thanksgiving day.
Still pondering. I do have plenty to be thankful for.
I just wanted to write a poem reflecting that. And yet .... Nothing comes in a form of a poem.

The Gooseberry Garden, Jingle Poetry

Images of days gone by
With each passing year
Thoughts of those that have come and gone
Leaving their mark
A little piece of their heart
The faces change but the love remains
Happiness and joy fill the air
Traveling far and near
To be with those they love
The home is filled with laughter and love
Aroma's of home cooking
Fill the air
Each one surrounded in memories
As new ones are made
With each passing year
Family traditions held strong
Stories told of days gone by
To yet another generation
Children growing
Waiting upon the Parade
With babbling excitement
Of the arrival of  Santa
With list in hand to give
The men huddled around 
The deli tray
With catching up....
With the anticipation of the up coming game
Who will win
On the latest...
Fish tale...
Hunting adventure....
Shop talk....?
 Mom in the kitchen
Last minute treats to be put out
Turkey in the oven
As mom rushes about
Making all last minute preparations
As family and guest arrive
Women folk
Checking on their little ones
Talking about all the festivities
That will fill their plates this coming season
Table set for a King
As all gather around
Giving thanks for all
That they have been blessed with
Throughout the year
One by one
Each gives a pray of thanks
Dinner is served
New memories were made


 Do you have any special family traditions you celebrate at Thanksgiving?

1 comment:

Morning said...

deep thankfulness,

Glad to have you share,
Happy Saturday.